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Milwaukee 2210-20 Fluorescent Lighting Tester

April 20, 2012

Lets Talk About Innovation and the Milwaukee 2210-20 Fluorescent Lighting Tester


 Attention! This is exciting news as its not everyday that a brand new innovated product hits and a whole professional sector that has been struggling , is now revolutionized and the tool effectually changes the whole game. That is what the new Milwaukee 2210-20 Fluorescent Light Tester  does, it changes the game. With the new 2210-20 Fluorescent Light Tester you simply point the tester at fluorescent lamps including T3, T5, and T12 lamps, and the tester reads what has gone wrong with the lamp, be it the ballast, the pin, or the lamp. The specifics of how it works; the tester then determines through the use of emitting high frequency voltage as it touches the glass, activating the bulb, the rod acts as a ballast and instantly energizes a new lamp. This helps you avoid taking the actual lamp apart and testing the pin, ballast, and lamp. Instantly knowing what kind of a situation you are dealing with and what needs replaced.

So what does this mean for the professional maintenance man that has a 20 story building to care for and make sure that the lighting on each floor is in working condition each and every day? What it means is, the maintenance worker no longer has to use the “replace and hope” strategy, but can trouble shoot and replace what the light needs instantly, with out dismantling or replacing the light fixture. The tester can be used commercially,  residentially, and in industrial applications as well.

The 2210-20 Fluorescent Lighting Tester is your complete 3-1 solutions as it comes complete with test lamps, ballast, and pins. The antennas on this tester are amazing as they retract or remove from the tester itself to give you the most accurate reading on each lamp. Specifically there is a fully retractable 2.5’ antenna adapter for extended reach when testing, this helps in the remedy of flicker response with audible and visual indicators will confirm your readings. The non conductive antenna sleeve allows for safe testing included, as well as a removable antenna adapter that aids in improves lamp test response. The built in LED flashlight is a great accent in the case of the eventual occurrence of blown lights in a certain section and you need a light while testing in a dark work space.

Durable in more than one way, the 2210-20 Fluorescent Lighting Tester has a rugged over molding for increased grip and durability, in the case that you do drop it, no problem, it continues to work even after a 6.5 foot drop.



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