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Milwaukee M12 Sub-Compact Band Saw Kit 2429-21XC

May 14, 2013

Big Advantages with a Small Design

Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 Sub-Compact Band Saw Kit

The Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 Sub-Compact Band Saw Kit reigns supreme as the uncontested title holder for the most lightweight and compact cordless bandsaw on the market. In fact, when compared to the traditional deep cut band saw, it is less than half the weight and size. Furthermore, the M12 band saw offers professionals like electrician’s, handymen, and maintenance men, the ability to keep one hand free, by providing the operator with one-handed power and portability for all of their applications, including cutting small diameter materials. The tool’s weight of 6.75 pounds and length of 12 inches, makes it ideal for jobs that require overhead cutting.

Make Your Cuts Fast and Clean

The Milwaukee 2429-21XC is faster than ever as it can saw straight through a ¾” EMT in only 3 seconds as it delivers over 150 cuts per charge! The bandsaw has the cutting capacity of 1-5/8” x 1-5/8”  and performs it’s cuts with the minimum amount of vibration possible for a device of it’s size. In addition, the M12 Band Saw can also perform clean cuts on typical small diameter metal cutting applications. The M12 Band Saw also features, a dual-latching lower guard that covers the blade outside of the active cutting area. This feature was added to address specific OSHA guarding requirements, as well as to expand the tools suitability for one-handed use.

Great Additions Such as the M12 Red Lithium Battery

The Milwaukee M12 Sub-Compact Band Saw Kit 2429-21XC has several great additions including a variable speed trigger, an LED light, a M12 REDLITHIUM XC High Capacity battery, a 30-minute charger, an 18 TPI metal cutting blade, and a hard carrying case. The M12 Sub-Compact Cordless Band Saw is backed by Milwaukee’s 5-year warranty.

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