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Milwaukee 2445-21 M12 Cordless High Performance Jig Saw Kit

July 6, 2012

A Swiss man by the name of Albert Kaufman invented the very first powered jigsaw in 1946; he was an engineer and had an idea to to transform a sewing machine into a jigsaw by replacing the sewing needle with a saw blade. In 1954 Bosch bought the design from Kaufman and added a pendulum action blade.

Milwaukee 2445-21 Jigsaw

Jigsaws have come a long way from that initial sewing machine engine. For example just look at the Milwaukee 2445-21 M12 Cordless High Performance Jig Saw Kit. This power tool does it all for both the professional and the Do-It-Yourselfer.

Compact and lightweight, the 2445-21 jigsaw tool weighs a mere 3.8 lbs and is a total of 8.75″ in length. Control is always an important issue when it comes to jigsaw power tools, as controlling the movement and flow maximizes your ability to complete your applications while emphasizing the professional craftsmanship. A new design by Milwaukee called the “hybrid grip” guarantees you the increased control you need in this powered jigsaw, by bringing the grip in closer to whatever material you choose to utilize, with a variable speed trigger that supports the right speed at the right moment, while cutting. The cutting stroke length is 3/4″ with 0-2, 800 SPM for swift and superior control, while you cut through a plethora of available materials. The design of the 2445-21 has a smooth cutting design that minimizes the overall vibration of the machine by balancing the weight directly over the cutting area itself. Quick changes for your powered jigsaw tool, 2445-21, are a snap with the exclusive Quick-Lok T-Shank blade clamp, as well as the feature of a tool free 450-bevel capacity, which includes a positive lock at 900. Your cut lines are illuminated for you with the LED light, which also allows you to see the remaining time displayed on the fuel gauge.



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