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Milwaukee Compact Electromagnetic Drill Press – 450 RPM 4270-20

August 30, 2012

Why Buy A Drill Press for Woodwork?

Milwaukee Compact Electromagnetic Drill Press – 450 RPM 4270-20

Wood workers know that a drill press offers more precision than a power drill and with a stand it can drill exceptionally deep holes that a hand held drill wouldn’t dream of completing.  It can also be preset to acquire the right depth for your hole to be cut. Then it can cut the preset hole exactly numerous times giving you infallible and consistent results. Another plus for drill presses is the option to utilize forstner bits, offering you the ability to bore a wider array of holes.

Professional Results

One of the best drill presses on the market is the Milwaukee 4270-20 450 RPM Compact Electromagnetic Drill Press. This model has a powerful 9.0 amp and 1.1 max HP motor running on 120 voltages. It has the capacity to smoothly cut up to 1-1/2″ diameter holes thru 2″ steel with annular cutters, or even  1/2″ diameter holes, at 4-1/4″ deep, with twist drill bits. It is light weight and has a comfortable carrying handle, making this machine easy to take with you from work site to work site. The Milwaukee 4270-20 Electromagnet Drill Press features two positions for a feed handle and you can easily relocate it without the use of tools. In addition, the drill press greets you with a simple two-button control panel, that is unobstructed by a feed handle, which is located on back of the machine for unobstructed operation. And the system positively ejects slugs, cut after cut for you and can be used on any flat ferrous material 3/8″ and thicker. An illuminated rocker switch is included in the design for a strong two coil magnet, which has the ability to  do a 2,300 pound dead lift with 1″ thick steel.

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