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Milwaukee 4V Li-Ion Screwdriver 0490-22

January 16, 2013

Top Ten Pluses of the Milwaukee 4V Li-Ion Screwdriver 0490-22

1o. A handy little tool to tighten up screws around the house.

9. Will not over drive screws and crack wood.

8. Great for working at awkward angles.

7. No need for a screw bit.

6.  It has a drilling option!

5. Keeps a steady charge.

4. Works on 4 Volts.

3. Fits into your kitchen drawer for ease of access.

2. Power indicator lets you know when it is running low.

1. Great tool to carry in your tool bag for those electrical tasks that require you to work on tight spaces.


This Milwaukee Tool is not Exactly Changing Lives but it is Making Life Easier!

Milwaukee 4V Li-Ion Screwdriver 0490-22

The Milwaukee 4V Li-Ion Screwdriver 0490-22 might be the handiest of them all! It comes with an auto shut-off clutch that is designed to help stop the tool’s rotation of bit, once the desired torque setting is fully met. The quick bit insertion and removal design aids in the loading and releasing of the bits with one hand, and the snug bit grip is great at preventing dropped screws when the screwdriver is inverted. With a total of 30 inches to pounds of max torque available, the drill mode included on the tool may be where you see the power of this tool in action the most, because it makes drilling pilot holes and removing damaged screws a cinch.

Run Time that Lasts

The run time of the 0490-22 is impressive, as it runs on 600 Max RPM offering increased productivity. If your wondering how much time you have left on your Milwaukee screwdriver when you grab it out of your tool bag , the battery fuel gauge has the total remaining run-time on the tool for you to glance at. When it is time to recharge, the screwdriver tool is ready for your use in 30 minutes or less with the included 6 Amp charger. A 3.0 Ah battery  provides the very best run-time, thanks to the Li-ion manganese battery chemistry, which boasts non stop fade-free power until the end of the tools charge. The Quik-Lok battery interface is great as it loads the battery easily and securely into the charger.

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