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Milwaukee 6130-33 7.0 AMP 4-1/2″ Small Angle Grinder

October 14, 2013

Smart Engineering Designed To Protect

Milwaukee 6130-33 7.0 AMP Small Angle Grinder

The Milwaukee 6130-33 7.0 AMP 4-1/2″ Small Angle Grinder has smart engineering that emphasizes tool conservation. First, the 6130-33 is designed with Debris Baffles that protect internal components by deflecting damaging debris out of the airflow by preventing them from getting sucked into the intake vents. Secondly, it contains a multi-port exhaust that reduces motor burn up by efficiently venting hot air out of and away from the grinder. Lastly, the 6130-33 is the only grinder in it’s class that includes a tool free, burst resistant guard, which is even compatible with multiple grinder guards and frames.

Compact And Powerful

The Milwaukee 6130-33 is not only compact but powerful as well. First, it features a compact, lightweight design with a 10.2 inch long frame that weighs only 3.5 lbs. to make it the most lightweight and compact grinder in the entire Milwaukee line. Whereas Milwaukee sacrificed bulk and weight, they surely didn’t sacrifice anything in terms of power and performance, as the this small angel grinder contains a 7.0 amp, 750 MWO Motor that is powerful enough for any daily application.  In addition, this powerful motor produces up to 1100 RPM’s and runs on 120V AC electricity. 

The Gritty Details

The Milwaukee 6130-33 7.0 AMP 4-1/2 inch Small Angle Grinder is backed by a 5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty, and comes with a double insulated 8 foot cord, an additional spanner wrench, and a type 27 guard, straight out of the box. In addition, although it doesn’t come with an electronic feedback, it does come with an adjustable handle and a spindle of 5/8″ – 11″ and a wheel diameter of 4.5 inches. Finally, it contains spiral bevel gears and an easy actuation spindle lock.

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