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Milwaukee 6470-21 10-1/4″ 15 Amp Circular Saw 5,200 RPM

August 5, 2013

High Performance Cutting

Milwaukee 6470-21 10-1/4" 15 Amp Circular Saw 5,200 RPM

Expect the very best performance and highest professional results when cutting with the Milwaukee 6470-21 10-1/4″ 15 Amp Circular Saw 5,200 RPM. This saw rips through your selected materials with a highly powerful 15 Amp motor, that hammers the point home with it’s consistent fade free power. Furthermore, the 6470-21 distinguishes itself by running at an awesome 5,200 RPM’s, meaning that this Milwaukee circular saw delivers the absolute maximum when it comes to power. In addition the 6470-21 offers a high performance cut, with the control that professionals desire, thanks to it’s ability to have no additional issues caused by loaded materials that become bogged down and struggle under load.

Durable with no Bending or Warping

The Milwaukee Circular Saw 6470-21 is constructed to be completely durable as it is constructed with an Aircraft Aluminum Shoe, which is a tough material that will not cause any problematic bending or warping, even when put to the test under extreme cutting situations. With a 3-13/16” depth of cut capacity, the 6470-21 saw provides enough capacity to cut 4” material in just a single pass. Furthermore, beveling is a breeze with this Milwaukee power saw, thanks in part to its 60° beveling capacity. As such it can easily provide the maximum bevel capacity for cutting applications such as; roof rafters, trusses and joists. Finally, the built in electric brake offers the user a substantial increase in time and productivity as it stops the blade in mere seconds.

The  Milwaukee 6470-21 Circular Saw Includes

The Milwaukee 6470-21 Circular Saw comes with a steel case for transporting the saw and storing it, as well as an included rip fence that ultimately makes this Milwaukee saw the favorite when you need a circular saw that is easy to take on the go.

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