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Milwaukee Compact Electromagnetic Drill Press Kit 4270-21 – 450 RPM

July 21, 2013

Power and Durability

Milwaukee Compact Electromagnetic Drill Press Kit 4270-21 - 450 RPM

Power and durability are a successful combination in the Milwaukee 4270-21 Compact Electromagnetic Drill Press Kit – 450 RPM. Power runs high with a truly powerful 9.0 amp, 1.1 max HP motor, that will roar through your applications. Additionally, a durable design allows this unit to withstand drops and heavy duty use that occurs on construction sites and shops. At the end of the day you can feel confident in the Milwaukee Compact Electromagnetic Drill’s ability to perform with high power capabilities and a durable design.

High Capacity Cut with a Lightweight Design

The Milwaukee Compact Electromagnetic Drill 4270-21′s annular cutters have the capacity to cut up to 1-1/2″ diameter holes through 2 inches of tough materials including steel, as well as 1/2″ diameter holes, or holes with a 4-1/4″ depth with twist drill bits. Furthermore, the comfortable light weight design comes with a helpful carrying handle. Also included in the drill’s design is the option of  two positions for the feed handle, now you can easily relocate without the aid of tools. Included is a strong two-coil magnet and a simple two-button control panel that has been built into key positions, so as to keep it unobstructed from the feed handle. Finally, the Milwaukee 4270-21 comes with some great accessories, including a nylon safety strap, an empty  lubricant spray bottle, two hex wrenches, an impact resistant carrying case, and the 48-66-2121 cutter’s chuck (however, lubricant is not included).

All Toolup Magnetic Drill Press Sales are Final

All Magnetic Drill Press Sales are Final. Magnetic Drill Presses are covered by the Milwaukee Manufacturers Warranty. In the rare case there is a Defective unit, repairs must be handled at your local Milwaukee Service Center. Toolup.com will not accept a return of Milwaukee Magnetic Drill Press under any circumstance.

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