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Milwaukee Grinder/Cut-Off Tool Kit V28 0725-21

May 16, 2012

 Milwaukee’s 0725-21 28V Grinder and Cut-Off Tool Kit adds another notch to Milwaukee’s V28 lithium-ion line of pro tools. The V28 line has become one of the most popular and in demand power tools in the industry, due in large part to their ability to run fade free for extended time periods that border on obnoxious, while still being able to maintain full fledged power and durability. The 0725-21 Grinder Cut Off Tool Kit is a great essential tool addition to the V28 line. The V28 tool line is an indispensable commodity for professionals as it runs up to twice as long as the model 18V power tools, and that’s in addition to a tool line that produces up to 50% more overall power.

Big Fade Free Power

 When the 0725-21 Grinder/Cut Off tool is ready for a battery charge, simply pop in the second included charged battery, and keep going until your job is done. The 28V motor provides a no load speed and 8000 RPMs, as well as overload protection that will prevent your V28 motor from overheating. As if this wasn’t enough to wet your pallet,  a soft start feature improves the life of your gears by reducing start up torque. The smart V28 Lithium-ion cells deliver consistent cuts with fade free power that you can count on. Translation – this tool goes at full speed until the very last cut has been made, or the moment this tool loses power.

Easy Adjustments and Lightweight

You can perform easy guard adjustments with the tool free guard changes and reduce body-incurred fatigue with a slide on switch.The 0725-21 Grinder and Cut Off Tool weighs in lighter than one might imagine, although its robust 28V system of lithium ion cells packs a heavyweight punch, it actually weighs in at the lightweight class coming in just under that of the weaker 18V tool models that contain NiCd battery packs.

 So you might be saying “so what, I still don’t see the big deal about the 0725-21 Grinder and Cut Off Tool”. If this is you, and all of the previously mentioned features haven’t inspired you towards some action that involves buyer frenzy and panic of the kind that involves breaking local traffic laws, high speed police pursuits, or a new profile photo for Facebook that shows you face down on the asphalt with your hands cuffed behind your back, then let me reiterate this – It is a CORDLESS tool, that delivers all of the power of a corded tool, without any slowdown or power loss. It has an elevated 3.0 amps per hour of output, along with 28 volts of pure, fully flexed, oiled, and competition shaved brawn! In the past only a corded tool could hold this amount of power.

Finally, Your Milwaukee 0725-21 28V Grinder and Cut-Off Tool Kit will come complete with a V28 Li-Ion Battery Pack, 18V-28V Li-Ion Charger, Contractor Bag, Spanner Wrench, 4-1/2″ x .045″ x7/8″ Type 1 Metal Cut-off Wheel, and a 4 – 1/2″ x 1/4″ x 7/8″ Type 27 Metal Grinding Wheel.


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