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Milwaukee Heat Gun Heat Wave!

August 13, 2012

Heat Up your Applications!

Heat guns have come a long way over the past ten years! And are a must when it comes to tool investments simply because they do so many various jobs for you across so many lines of work. Useful in both common construction and Do-It-Yourself applications because they can handle detail work beautifully. A heat gun will strip paint, perform adhesive softening, wall paper removal, tile removal, softening, bend plastic materials, form plastic laments, dry out damp wood, and even remove caulking on window seals and in bathrooms.

Peel Paint With a Heat Gun

To use your heat gun, follow the heat-setting set up by the manufacturer, while keeping in mind the task at hand. Once you have the heat setting optimized, slowly guide the heat gun over the application area in a slow circular motion. Be cautious not to point the heat gun directly at any one area for more than ten seconds. Heat guns can run as hot as 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, and thus the heat is hot enough to cause scorching and mark up your material or in some cases even set the wood on fire. At this point the paint should begin to peel and bubble itself, now you can simply scrape it off.

  Milwaukee Heat Guns

Take a heat gun, add the Milwaukee brand name, and what do you have? A product you can be confident in. The two Milwaukee heat guns below along with the optional heat gun accessories are specifically featured to give you more concentrated options as you complete common heat gun applications and detailed work.


Milwaukee Variable Temperature Heat Gun 8978-20

Milwaukee 8978-20 Variable Temperature Heat Gun uses a unique impact resistant heating element with its heat adjustment dial numbered from 1-6, which allows for temperatures ranging from 200 to 1050 degrees total Fahrenheit. An electronic control allows extra reduction of air flow to allow the operator to receive an accurate and concentrated heat location without the worries of damage occurring.




Milwaukee 8980 11.6 Amp 570/1000 Degree Fahrenheit Dual Temperature Heat Gun

The Milwaukee 8980 11.6 Amp 570/1000 Degree Fahrenheit Dual Temperature Heat Gun Kit has a dual temperature of 570 and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, an efficient soft air velocity increases surface temperatures much swifter than conventional hot air heat guns. Easy to operate with a three position rocker switch, which gives the operator the option to  turn it off, or to set it to high and low settings. In addition the Milwaukee 8980 is classed as a professional heat gun with an ergonomic style and includes powerful heating technology. Finally, the 8980 comes with handles and heat shields that help it stay cool while in use.

Milwaukee 49-80-0300 Heat Gun Accessory

The Milwaukee 49-80-0300 Heat Gun Accessory Assortment has a Hook Nozzle (49-80-0292), a Deflector Nozzle (49-80-0293), a Air Spreader Nozzle (49-80-0294), and a Air Reduction Nozzle (49-80-0297).


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