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Milwaukee Heavy Duty 14 Gauge Shear 6815

October 8, 2012

Milwaukee Heavy Duty 14 Gauge Shear 6815

This new Heavy Duty Gauge Shear 6815 from Milwaukee is bigger and badder than its predecessor, and has been made to out perform all other gauge shears on the market. Milwaukee has added several new additions to the design in order to out rank the competition, in this review we will discuss how they did.

The  Milwaukee 6815 Heavy Duty 14 Gauge Shear has a decent 120V voltage, with 5 total Amps, meaning your new shears will have ample power. In addition, it has an overall capacity to perform in Steel to a maximum of 14 gauges, and a capacity with stainless steel to perform up to a maximum of 16 gauges. If that wasn’t enough, the 4,000 strokes per minute keeps your cuts smooth, with a minimum radius of 3/4″ left and 1″ minimum radius right. Plus, Milwaukee’s Heavy Duty 6815 has a total length of 10 1/4″ and includes a generous assortment of attachments including an Allen wrench, a feeler gauge , and an upper blade and lower blade.

At the end of the day, this Gauge Shear has been carefully designed to be a high speed accurate cutting mechanism, that runs effortlessly and cuts like butter. The specific blade design has been made in order to eliminate the Gauge Shear from jamming. No shims with your simple blade adjustment are needed, and no adjustments are necessary for straight cuts or curves. The burr free cuts leave your freshly cut edges smooth to the touch.

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