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Milwaukee Heavy Duty 7″ Polisher 5460-6

June 8, 2013

Powerful Polisher that’s Milwaukee Built

Milwaukee Heavy Duty 7" Polisher 5460-6

The Milwaukee 5460-6 Heavy Duty 7″ Polisher has made a name for itself as a powerful polisher that buffs out and polishes the toughest of grit and grime. Geared towards almost any application that requires a good shine and buff, the Milwaukee 5460-6 can handle heavy duty work such as grinding off rust, as well as light or low maintenance work such as; polishing your car to a shine, or even finishing a gel coat using the wool pad. Built with a Powerful Milwaukee 11 AMP Motor, it tears through rust and other corrosive material that has built up over the years.

Control the Power

Take control of your project using the Milwaukee Heavy Duty 7″ Polisher 5460-6 with it’s 11 AMP motor. Enjoy the ability, as well as the piece of mind, to use the polisher on all of your  clear coat finishes and needs without the worry of scratching or over polishing, and without ruining your paints finish. An array of possibilities awaits with the dial speed feature, which specifically aids the operator in the control  of the polisher, plus it is  built with an exclusive Milwaukee electronic speed technology that ensures the users polishing projects are each managed with just the right amount of tact.

Self Stopping with a Spindle Lock

Milwaukee’s Heavy Duty 5460-6 is engineered for the very best results. Being Designed with a spindle lock, the 5460-6 saves time and energy,  all while allowing for convenient accessory changes. Furthermore, the 5460-6 also includes a handy self-stopping feature that lends to furthering the tool’s life for the  brush system. The polisher also has all ball and roller bearings, a helical gearing, and an aluminum gear case with protective urethane bumper.

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