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Milwaukee M12 12Volt Cordless Heated Jacket-Extra Large with Battery 2331-XL

May 21, 2012

The ¬†Milwaukee M12 12Volt Cordless Heated Jacket-Extra Large with Battery 2331-XL is powered up by the revolutionary M12 RED LITHIUM battery, it takes 30 minutes to charge completely, that 30 minute charge will last your jacket up to 6 hours of non stop fade free heat. The M12 Cordless Heated Jacket delivers you an unparalleled comfort! Wear it to work , at home, wear it driving, shoveling snow, hunting, when your wife steals the covers, or sends you to the couch, or even camping you will find comfort and maybe a sick sense of satisfaction as your companions shiver in their cold sleeping bags, as you snicker and quietly laugh, in the luxurious heated comfort of the M12 2331-XL Heated Jacket.The multi layered soft shell in this jacket is a mix of 95% polyester and 5% spandex and the jacket itself utilizes new cold weather technology to actively warm the body as it ¬†stimulates blood circulation, this ensures that the very coldest of places won’t get the best of you, or your M12 2331-XL jacket. Three areas are targeted with the sewn in carbon fiber heating zones, namely your right chest, left chest and your entire back. When ordering your jacket , make sure to buy a size that will fit comfortably close, as you will lose heat if the jacket hangs too loose on your physical form. The 2331 M12 jacket was designed to distribute heat to your core body areas, as well as a performance-fit that gives users maximum flexibility and comfort while wearing the jacket, this ensures that you will be able to perform any daily task on or off the job site. The 2331 M12 Heated Jacket has a built in warm up feature as well as three heat settings to optimize your comfort level. For example if you live in Las Vegas the winters are mild and you may only need level one comfort as you travel in and out of the office, but wait, the family wants to head up to the old family dairy farm in Wyoming for Christmas this year, no problem , crank that sucker up to level three and your golden. Its water as well as wind resistant for a variety of weather conditions, however we don’t recommend swimming in it, it is ideal for cold job site conditions, chilly outdoor sports, and any winter activities. The Milwaukee M12 2331-XL comes with the battery and charger needed to heat and utilize the jacket, if you live in colder conditions we recommend buying an extra battery , in case you want a full 12 hours of charge for your jacket.

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