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Milwaukee M12 160 x 120 Thermal Imager Kit 2260-21

August 10, 2012

Milwaukee M12 160 x 120 Thermal Imager Kit 2260-21

The loudly touted Milwaukee 2260-21 M12 160 x 120 Thermal Imager Kit is quicker, more versatile, less trouble to operate, and more reliable to use than any other imager in its class.

The 2260-21 comes as a complete kit including a professional thermal imager with 160 x 120 pixel resolution, and simple to learn software that makes it easy to diagnose and generate reports. In addition, the 2260-21 leverages Milwaukee’s M12 battery system, providing the operator with quick charging, up to five times faster than the competitor. Also included with this kit is a set of rapid field replacement, M12 batteries. The Milwaukee Thermal Imager is ideal for use by professional electrical contractors, HVAC/R technicians, building inspectors, energy auditors and plant maintenance teams.

The Milwaukee Thermal Imager is an extremely useful tool as it has been designed to solve and diagnose a multitude of problems. A wide temperature range of  -10 to 350°C is used to cover a broader range of applications including motors, drives, pumps, mechanical equipment, electrical panels, chillers, and air handlers. In addition, the 2260-21 has the ability to identify energy losses around doors or windows and it can be used to identify roof leaks and detect areas where mold could be present.

Once you’ve run your diagnostics, the 2260-21 offers you the ability to capture crisp, high resolution 160 x 120 thermal images on its 3.5″ high-rez LCD with each pull of the trigger. Ultimately, providing better reporting, better definition, better clarity, and better troubleshooting is why Milwaukee can claim that the Milwaukee 2260-21 Thermal Imager is simply better than other imagers currently on the market… And that’s without even mentioning its abilities for providing improved analysis with the built in camera and flashlight.

Made to endure on worksites with rugged over molding, the 2260-21 provides increased durability and grip as well as features a raised set of corners to protect the LCD and thermal engine if dropped. A simple screen layout allows you to focus on getting the best thermal and visual images using standard JPEG format and allows you to use them in any program.


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