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Milwaukee M12 600 MCM Cable Cutter Bare Tool 2472-20

September 12, 2012

Milwaukee M12 600 MCM Cable Cutter Bare Tool 2472-20

A cordless cable cutter sounds like a good idea, but many in the electrical trade find the existing models to be problematic. Electricians can testify to the  drawbacks associated with cordless cable cutters such as their excessively large size, which can be frustrating, especially when using one in a tightly packed electrical box. Besides the size, the cost of one of these devices has often deterred many potential beneficiaries from purchasing a cordless cable cutter, opting out for a manuel cable cutter instead.

With the 2472-20, Milwaukee has tried to confront both of the aforementioned woes with their Milwaukee M12 600 MCM Cable Cutter Bare Tool 2472-20. Although smaller than previous versions this cordless cable cutter has a set of amazingly powerful jaws that cut effortlessly through 600 MCM Cu / 750 MCM AL. The Milwaukee designed blade delivers a perfect round and installation that is made ready to cut. Made to always have its jaws set to open, the operator can get going. In addition the 2472-20 offers you the ability to go straight to the cable in panels without the added hassle of long handles, or having to deal with looping or ratcheting.

The Milwaukee M12 600 MCM Cable Cutter Bare Tool 2472-20 incorporates Redlithium technology to deliver 150 cuts of 500 MCM CU per charge. This cable cutter also has a 2 speed gear box that produces enough power for large cables, plus it has an auto release lever, which provides the operator a way to swiftly cut, reload, and repeat. With its jaw openings of 144″ it has the ability to easily cut 600 MCM copper, 750 MCM aluminum, 1 3/16″ communication cable.

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