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The New Milwaukee M12 Cordless Black Heated Jacket Large 2344-L

July 2, 2012

Milwaukee’s new 2012 M12 Cordless Black 2344-L Heated Jacket is upgraded with added features that will offer the very best in heated jacket technology. It has an upgraded battery holder and features sewn-in velcro channels that neatly route USB cables to the lower left pocket, or chest pocket, and is designed to allow you to charge your small portable electronic devices. In addition, it includes a battery fuel gauge as well, so not only will your charge  last longer, but while wearing the 2344-L you can also plug in your iphone or ipod to be charged right inside your jacket!

Another new feature of this years model, is that it now offers smart multi layered fabric technology, which actively warms the body while it stimulates blood circulation. Also, the 2344-L jacket is now water and wind resistant and can be worn in a variety of cold job site conditions and outdoor sports activities.  The 2344-L Jacket delivers unmatched warmth and performance with a fleeced inner liner, and durable carbon fiber heating element called the core heat zone, which are conveniently located in the chest and upper back. This ensures that the heat distribution maximizes energy efficiency by focusing on the wearer’s core, where the wearer is most apt to notice the difference.

Milwaukee’s newly improved 2344-L jacket also now provides heat in the lower pockets as well, which when controlled with an independent core heating element, provides continual and increased warmth to the hands. The 2344/2345 M12 Heated Jacket features three heat settings, high medium and low, with an easy touch controller located on the lapel.

The new Milwaukee 2344-L is powered by Milwaukee’s M12 RED LITHIUM battery technology, which is conveniently hidden in a sleek back pocket, and which can be expanded to hold an XC battery. The 2334-L provides up to 6 hours of continuous superior heat on a single charge. If that wasn’t incentive enough, the batteries can be re-used in your other Milwaukee devices and can be re-used with a compatible system of over 40 cordless tools.

The Milwaukee M12 Cordless Black Heated Jacket 2344 is available in sizes ranging from S – 3XL, are 100% polyester, the bare 2344 unit which is the bare jacket does not include batteries, whereas the 2355′s do, and finally the jacket weighs 4.5 pounds.

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