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Milwaukee M12 ProPEX Expansion Tool Kit 2432-22

February 22, 2013

Milwaukee Built The ProPEX to be

Effortless to Use with Fast Expansion

Milwaukee M12 ProPEX Expansion Tool Kit 2432-22

The Milwaukee M12 ProPEX Expansion Tool Kit 2432-22 comes with the 2432 ProPEX Expansion Tool, plus two M12 RED LITHIUM Batteries, a 30-minute charger, three heads including a 1/2″, a 3/4″, and a 1″, grease, and of course a carrying case to store and transport your tool and accessories in. Milwaukee has engineered the ProPEX Expansion tool with a built-in “auto rotate mechanism”, which offers a far more effortless experience when using this tool, so much so that it can be operated one handed. Along with it’s continuous expansion, a handy quick cam mechanism is also included in this products design to aid it’s operator in accomplishing better results, quicker.

Milwaukee Lends a Helping Hand in

When you find yourself in a Tight Spot

When the ProPEX Expansion Tool was initially designed, Milwaukee put special consideration into designing a product that would be built specifically to aid it’s user as he/she encountered smaller, tighter spaces. Although this isn’t the only product in it’s class to focus on this, Milwaukee’s 2432-22 tackles tight locations three ways; first by making the expansion tools body sleek and compact, secondly by giving it a smart right angle design, and thirdly by including a paddle trigger for easy finger reach in confined areas.

Milwaukee All Metal Gears and Compatibility

Milwaukee built the 2432-22 with all-metal gears in conjunction with an integrated metal frame. This configuration proves to be a successful marriage in part because it offers maximum jobsite durability even in the toughest of environments. Another helpful addition to this tool’s design is the built in LED work light, which illuminates the operators work space in dark or low lit locations. Additionally, the savvy battery fuel gauge displays the remaining run-time of the tool, indicating how much more work can be accomplished before it will need to be recharged. When the 2432-22 does need to be recharged, you will find that it doesn’t need a long recovery time as it can be recharged in as little as 30 minutes. Milwaukee made the ProPEX tool compatible with both compact and XC M12 LITHIUM-ION batteries.

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