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The Milwaukee M12 Sub-Scanner Cordless Detection Tool Kit 2290-21

July 1, 2012

Milwaukee, the company name that grows even more synonymous with innovation each day, has brought us yet another of their top of line specialty cordless tools, with the Milwaukee 2290-21 M12 Sub-Scanner Cordless Detection Tool Kit, which scans almost every surface you need. It easily measures the depth and location of rebar up to 6” through concrete, as well as detects the location of wood, PEX, PVC and metal. Additionally, it can not only tell you where something is, and what it is, but it can also differentiate between steel, which is a ferrous metal, or copper, or even aluminum, which is itself a non-ferrous metal. The Sub-Scanner 2290-21 can also identify embedded AC voltage and will tell you the exact location of live wires. Concrete is not the only material the 2290-21 can scan through, in fact it easily scans through gypsum, OSB, ceramic tile, and  marble. The Milwuakee 2290-21 also comes stock with an auto calibration feature, so that you can adjust it for optimal performance no matter which of the applicable surfaces you decide to use the scanner on. In addition, an intuitive user interface displays edges and stud centers, with a high contrast white on black LED display which is also backlit. The easy to read LED display takes the guesswork out of determining what the scanner is picking up below the surface, and makes even the amateur look like a trained professional.

Included in the Milwaukee 2290-21 M12 Sub-Scanner Cordless Detection Tool, is the M12 Sub-Scanner Detection Tool, a m12 lithium-ion battery pack, 30 minute charger, and a carrying case.

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