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Milwaukee M18 Force Logic Press Tool 1/2″ – 2″ Kit 2673-22

February 9, 2013

Milwaukee stands proudly behind the  Milwaukee 2673-22 M18 Force Logic Press Tool 1/2″ – 2″ Kit stating it to be the absolute leader with three main claims that their press tool is the smallest, the lightest and the most intelligent full size press tool currently offered on the market today.

Uncompromising Ergonomics

Milwaukee M18 Force Logic Press Tool 1/2" - 2" Kit 2673-22

The Milwaukee Force Logic Press Tool can be used one-handed and has a superior balance with its in-line design. This light eight pound, one handed design is instrumental in offering a wonderfully ergonomic solution for navigating around installed pipes, without compromising its ability to deliver the very best level of press accuracy and a strict tool reliability for the operator.

 Self Monitoring Tool

The Force Logic Press Tool is a Milwaukee Redlink Electronic, meaning while this M18 tool  is in use by the operator, it is actively monitoring the force output. This tools self  monitoring actually ensures quality connections and provides the user peace of mind as it visually indicates dual services, including a secure connection that alerts the operator when the tool needs calibration. The Force Logic Press Tool is powered by Milwaukee’s popular M12 Red Lithium battery. The surging popularity of this system is due to it being the only press system where you can cut, fasten, and connect on one unilateral system, which boasts  up to 35 plus solutions all in one pack.


Speaking of calibration the Force Logic Press Tool currently has the very highest calibration standard in the industry, as the 2673-22 Milwaukee Press Tool only requires service after a total of 40,000 crimps! Thus, the press tool also gives it’s operators a longer window to complete their on-sight work, thanks to a whopping four times more connections between service cycles.

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