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Milwaukee SDS-max Demolition Hammer 5339-21

February 25, 2013

Milwaukee Built This Demolition Hammer

Tougher So That It Could Accomplish More Projects

Milwaukee 5339-21 SDS-max Demolition Hammer

The Milwaukee 5339-21 SDS-max Demolition Hammer is built with a heavy-duty robust construction, so that it wouldn’t have to back down against rough work site conditions. If that’s not enough to tickle your fancy, then maybe the 5339-21′s inclusion of two auxiliary handles and a carrying case will do it. Milwaukee has not only made this large electric demolition hammer tough, but also rough by accomplishing  a high blow per energy of 19.9 ft-lbs, which is enough to be used for breaking stubborn asphalt and concrete… or blow up the barn when you get aggravated by the seasonal requisite painting. In addition, it also accomplishes several other difficult tasks, all while employing speed customization tailored for each specifically, thanks to the presence of a variable speed control dial. If your wondering which other tasks the 5339-21 is best suited for, it is ideally suited for bushing, driving ground rods, scraping floors, digging, and tamping.

Milwaukee Reduces This

Demo Hammer’s Vibration Factor

This heavy-duty demolition tool has a unique in-line design, which has been engineered mainly to provide the most comfortable hold, specifically while being employed to work on floors. The excellent ”Vibration Isolation System”, targets vibration by absorbing the causes of that vibration, thus reducing the operators fatigue and ultimately making the 5339-21 Demolition Hammer much more user friendly.

Milwaukee Designed With The Handle On The Side

The included side handle is a featured “in-line design” element that allows for up to three possible side handle positions. One such position is that the handle can be attached to the rear switch handle and used in conjunction with the hammer to minimize the operator’s need to bend over. Several other helpful features include the service reminder light, the ergonomic soft-grip handles, and easy access for tool maintenance. Finally, there is also an SDS-max bit holder system, which allows the chisels to be positioned in an efficient manner, depending on the type of work the operator is ready to accomplish.

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