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Milwaukee SDS-max Demolition Hammer 5339-21

January 15, 2013

A Great Demo Hammer’s Key is Balance with Power and Weight

Demolition work is tough and dirty, especially when dealing with concrete and masonry. If you work in a large city and find yourself doing this type of prep work, more likely than not you need to rely on a demolition hammer that has the right amount of power, but also need one that is relatively lightweight, to save on the wear and tear on your body. Finding a demolition hammer with the right power to weight ratio is difficult, but fear not, that’s where we can help.

Milwaukee’s Demolition Hammer SDS Max

Milwaukee 5339-21 Demolition Hammer

The Milwaukee 5339-21 SDS-max Demolition Hammer is a ruggedly built, electric demolition hammer, which is utilized for breaking up stone, mason, concrete and asphalt. it can also aid in demolition work such as bushing, driving ground rods, scraping floors, digging, and finally, tamping. The Milwaukee 5339-21 is a heavy-duty tool, with an in-line design, which provides a supportive, comfortable, and functional operation for it’s users, especially when they find themselves working on floor areas. Also included in the design of this demolition hammer, is an excellent anti-vibration and absorption/reduction system, which was designed to reduce the operator’s overall fatigue while working. Another convenient addition to this hammer is the optional side handle that can be attached to the rear switch handle, thus minimizing the need to incessantly bend over. Milwaukee’s SDS-max bit holder system allows chisels to be positioned most efficiently, especially in regards to the work that needs to be performed. Some of the other included features on this tool, are a service reminder light, soft-grip handles, variable speed control dial, and easy maintenance access.

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