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Milwaukee V28 Li-Ion Battery 48-11-2830

June 22, 2013



Red Link Intelligence

Milwaukee V28 Li-Ion Battery 48-11-2830

 Milwaukee’s V28 Li-ion Battery is engineered with Red Link Intelligence. Red Link features overload protection to prevent possible damage with heavy duty cordless power tools while also including a discharge protection feature that is geared towards protecting your tool from cell damage. Additionally, there is a temperature management system, with individual cell monitoring, which helps maximize the V28′s battery life while also providing fade free power. In addition, the 28 voltage Milwaukee V28 Li-Ion Battery 48-11-2830 has a capacity of 3 amp hours. This lithium-Ion battery is as versatile as it is savvy, and is compatible with a all of Milwaukee’s extensive V28 and M28 power tool lines, including the Milwaukee 28 Volt 1/2″ Hammer Drill 0726-22 and the Milwaukee 49-24-0187 M28 LED Work Light.

Durable Design

The Milwaukee V28 Li Ion battery  is durable  in design, it is built to easily handle high torque applications on the worksite. It has easy to operate latches, plus a heavy duty construction which can stand up to a 10 foot  drop. The battery fuel gauge is an LED that lights up and displays how much charge is left, which at the end of the day leaves out the guesswork while helping it’s user maximize efficiency. Finally, a smart rubberized footprint provides impact protection and prevents the battery from sliding on slick surfaces.

Longer Run Time

The Milwaukee V28 has a performance optimizing circuit that improves the run time and prolongs the overall battery life.  It also comes with a 2-year Milwaukee warranty promise; that this battery will have a longer pack life and provides up to 2-1/2 times more the lifetime output versus an 18V NiCd pack.

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