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Milwaukee V28 Lithium-Ion Cordless Band Saw Kit 0729-21

January 28, 2013

Lighter Than You Think!

The Milwaukee V28 Lithium-Ion Cordless Band Saw Kit 0729-21 runs on a powerful 28-volt system and flexes its heavy-duty power with every cut. Don’t automatically assume that this power tool will weigh at least twice as much as the model 18-volt system. Don’t! The V28 technology certainly is powerful, however the 28-volt battery actually weighs less than the current 18-volt NiCd battery pack.

Powerful to the Last Cut

Milwaukee V28 Lithium-Ion Cordless Band Saw Kit 0729-21

 Fade free power is the cornerstone of this Milwaukee band-saws design. There is no gradual power loss while cutting, or while this band-saw’s battery pack discharges. The Milwaukee V28 Lithium-Ion’s cells continuously maintain a tremendously consistent cutting power. No longer do you have to deal with the power dropping off drastically at the very last hole or cut. In addition the higher 3.0 amp per hour output is married with the 28 volts of muscle that equates to a power tool with true cordless muscle. To put this in perspective, the Milwaukee 0729-21 Bandsaw has the ability to effortlessly perform  4-3/4″ x 4-3/4″ cuts, while still delivering up to 40-50% more power than it’s predecessor. Additionally, it can perform over 200 cuts, of 1″ conduit, all on a single battery charge.  Additionally, the operator will always know when cutting time is up, with the convenient battery fuel gauge, which displays the charge level while your working with this amazing bandsaw. A two finger trigger aids in the tools speed control, providing the option of low or high speed on the speed selector switch, and also includes a lock. Additionally, a  standard LED light is built into the bandsaw’s design to aid in overall cutting visibility, plus a comfortable non-slip-soft-grip helps reduce vibration and operator fatigue.

The Milwaukee Bandsaw 0729-21  comes complete with a 28V battery pack, a one-hour charger, and case.

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