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Milwaukee V28 Wet/Dry Vacuum 0780-20

June 11, 2012

If you already have Milwaukee’s line of V28 tools this V28 Wet/Dry Vacuum 0780-20 is an absolute must have for your shop and truck. Utilizing the very same battery of many of your power tools you will never have a problem keeping a great charge on this power tool. It is not a shop vac per say, but more of a quick clean up type tool.  This portable handheld, with a 1 -¼” hose is used for; a swift clean-up of the shop floor area, to clean out a computer of dust, use on a truck and its floor, or even for a brisk dust off of counters and tools. The professional handy man will love the portability and convenience of this little 0780-20 vacuum. Whip out this vac without worrying about plugs, or wheel marks left on the carpet or hard surfaced floors. You will find yourself using it for quite a few odd jobs around your house as well, because of it’s overall compact design and portability. A word of caution though, you may have to hide it from your wife as she is sure to try and take this handy vacuum over!

The hose on the Milwaukee V28 Wet/Dry Vaccuum is very flexible, similar to an accordion,  it can be folded down into a succinct u-shape, which fits into the side holder for great storage. The hose can also be utilized into the two available ports for suction or blowing out air. The 1-1/4″ accessories concentrate on the available suction proficiently, and are surprisingly the very same used in the typically sized domestic home vacuum cleaners. Electricians and plumbers will also love Milwaukee’s 0780-20 V28 vacuum as well, especially when they are working without the aid of electrical power, this cordless wonder makes clean up possible even in the roughest of working environments.

Milwaukee’s V28 Wet/Dry Vacuum 0780-20 has a voltage of  28 DC, it can handle both wet and dry material, and has a maximum capacity of 2 gallons. The maximum air flow is 45 cubic feet and has a sealed suction in water of 32”. It weighs a light 9.4 pounds and has a HEPA high efficiency filter with a reusable wet/dry filter that can also be utilized in wet applications. On board accessories include a wireless vinyl hose, a wide utility nozzle, and a crevice tool, all in a toolbox style for mobility and storage. It works on a V28 battery, but the battery and charger are not included with the vacuum itself.

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