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MultiQuip 19.7″ x 20.7″ Plate Compactor 3450 pounds force, 4 cycle MVC88VGH

February 27, 2013

The Technically Advanced Multiquip Plate Compactor

MultiQuip 19.7" x 20.7" Plate Compactor 3450 pounds force, 4 cycle MVC88VGH

The MultiQuip 19.7″ x 20.7″ Plate Compactor 3450 pounds force, 4 cycle MVC88VGH is one of the newest and most technically advanced compactors available on the market. Normally, something so advanced might seem like it would be complicated to figure out, but that’s their simple genius as Multiquip designed the MVC88VGH to be easy for the operator to use. In addition, and to make this compactor even more accessible while aiding in transportation, special consideration was given to this Plate compactor to ensure that it has been built lighter and simpler. Furthermore, four lifting handles were included in the design, making it easier for the plate compactor to be lifted from either side.

 Multiquip Anti-Vibration is included in

 the MVC88VGH

Multiquips  anti-vibration technology is engineered right into the machine’s handle. This design addition reduces the machines overall vibration by up to 50% less than current competitive offerings on the market today.

Keeping It Safe

Multiquip made the MVC88VGH Plate Compactor with a sealed belt cover, that works to keep the habitually occurring dirt and rocks out of the belt and away from the engine. In addition, featured in the design of the MCV88VGH is a cog tooth belt drive, which has been engineered into the machine to ensure that you will garner all the benefits of this tool longer life. One final feature of the MCV88VGH that has been included to preserve and protect it, is the inclusion of an engine oil shutdown feature that lends itself to minimizing the damage and duress that frequent use causes, before required maintenance can be performed.

Self Cleaning

The Multiquip Plate Compactor  MVC88VGH is designed with a convenient self cleaning plate, made to aid the operator in less overall maintenance and less required service needs, thanks in part to it’s ability to minimize dirt and rock build up.

Multiquip has Extra Options for the Plate Compactor

Multiquip has included a couple of options to use in conjunction with the MVC88VGH including an optional urethane plate attachment for paving stones or on brick pavers. There is also an optional transport wheel kit WHL-88, offered as an agreeable solution for additional work site transportation needs.

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