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MultiQuip 2″ Impeller Disc, Electric Submersible Pump ST2037 1 HP 120V, Max head 37′

August 13, 2013

Small Pump Big Results

MultiQuip 2" Impeller Disc, Electric Submersible Pump ST2037 1 HP 120V, Max head 37'

The MultiQuip ST2037 2″ Impeller Disc, Electric Submersible Pump 1 HP 120V, Max head 37′ is a smaller sized model that pumps out big results, in fact it can move up to 73 gallons or 276 liters per minute. The ST2037 is currently Multiquip’s most popular model and its high popularity is due to its high quality durable die cast aluminum casing construction that comes in a compact design, yet still offers excellent performance. In addition, this electric submersible pump is diverse and can be used for a wide range of pumping applications, but is especially effective for jobs that require a device that is portable. The ST2037 Submersible Pump is UL/CSA approved, and comes with replaceable discharge threads and an automatic thermo-overload protection feature. In addition, the ST2037 also features a maximum head of 37 feet  and a double mechanical oil-filled seal.

Toolup.com Testimonial

Toolup loves feedback on your positive experiences with your product purchases. One such testimonial is featured on the site underneath this product, so don’t take our word for it, take theirs.

I own a horse breeding farm and after our record drought, when the rains began we found that our property became a lake of standing water that couldn’t seem to percolate into the ground. At a friend’s suggestion, I bought this pump and 200′ of 2″ hose. OMG! This little jewel pumped off all the standing water on 10 acres of land in just under two days. And I mean there was water 6″ deep over most of it. This pump is now doing it again after our torrential rains last night and it’s wonderful to know that our foals will not have to be out in standing water. I highly recommend this pump!

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