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MultiQuip 5000 Watt High Cycle Honda Generator GDP5H

June 29, 2012

There are a lot of portable generators out there to choose from, so its no surprise that when one begins looking to purchase a generator, the endless options can be confusing and frustrating. What separates this Multiquip generator from the pack is that it is specifically manufactured for onsite use and comes with a Honda motor, which when it comes to generators is one of the best and most sought after motors to have. In addition, the multi quip GDP5H needs no permanent installation, is easily portable, and can be used in a variety of locations such as; outdoor events, campsites, and worksites.

While looking over the specifications of any generator that you are considering buying, you would be hard pressed to find a generator that is  as lightweight and compact as this generator is. In addition, finding one that does not run primarily on gasoline, diesel, or even  propane gas even harder.

The MultiQuip GDP5H 5000 Watt High Cycle Honda is all the above, portable, lightweight, and doesn’t depend on a fuel type. Generators that run on one of the three fuel types of gas, diesel, and propane are difficult to start in cold weather, and create a lot of black smoggy pollution. The Honda GDP5H is the industry’s only generator that simultaneously produces standard 60 Hz power and 180 Hz power for high-cycle concrete vibrators and is powered by a Honda GX340 engine. This means that this bad boy’s output  equals the power and output of two generators. It powers up to three 2-inch FXA-series high cycle vibrators and has a control panel that has separate 60Hz and 180Hz outlets. A folding lifting bale comes standard with the GDP5P and this 5000 Watt generator features a standard volt meter that assists the operator in troubleshooting. Another cool addition to the Honda MultiQuip GDP5H is its design, which offers 3.6kW of continuous 120/240-volt 60-cycle power for all of your standard power tools.

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