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Occidental Leather Black Adjust-to-Fit Industrial Pro Electrician 9596

August 17, 2012

Occidental Leather is known for its attention to detail as well as its top notch, stiff thick leather that they use to manufacture their belt sets with. Its really their longevity and durability that sets them apart, as you will find that your Occidental Leather belt will outlast the competition’s. Occidental offers an option for customers to send back their old bags and belts to be refurbished; In fact, Occidental Leather has its very own D-I-Y Rescue Renovation Crew. Occidental Leather products are handcrafted in the USA by Occidental Leather craftsman, and not assembled on a cheap factory line. In this review we will take a look at two differing Occidental Leather products, both made specifically for the electrical professional’s trade.

The Occidental Leather Black Adjust-to-Fit Industrial Pro Electrician 9596 is a top of the line, all leather bag, that employs the “Adjust-to-Fit” set. The “Adjust–to-Fit” is geared towards professional and commercial electricians, and provides a full range of adjustments for a pant waist size of 32″ to 40″.

The 9596 ensures that your tools will be organized, and offers hand tool specific organization that is specifically engineered for the professional electricians needs. It features leather “No Spill” tool holders, which form to your inserted tools and provides the years of durable service you desire out of a high quality tool belt. The Occidental Leather Black Adjust-to-Fit Industrial Pro Electrician 9596 is what every journeyman should demand out of a belt.

If you prefer a non adjustable sized belt for a more contoured fit, then the  Occidental Leather Brown Industrial Pro Electrician’s Set might be a better choice. The 5596 series is much like the 9596 in almost all aspects, with the difference being its availability in waist sizes ranging from small to extra large.

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