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Occidental Leather Goodies:Occidental Leather 6010 Oxy Mug

May 10, 2013

Occidental Leather Junkie

Showing off your love for Occidental Leather products is easy and below we compiled some of the greatest non-tool items available to you with the Occidental logo. Don’t be ashamed, go ahead and profess your loyalty to the world by researching some Occidental’s less known goodies.

The Occidental Leather B315 Black Oxy Wallet

Put your money where your mouth is!

Occidental Leather B315 Black Oxy Wallet

Have you been bragging about your new Fatlip tool belt set to co workers on the worksite? Continue your leather proselytizing, by not just preaching the good word to your co-workers at lunch. Instead when it’s time to pay, show your fellow coworkers that you not only talk the talk, but walk the walk, by busting out your black Occidental Leather wallet …like a boss. This wallet is hand crafted with a sleek, four pocket wallet design, it securely holds cash, credit cards, driver’s license, your man card and more. This wallet is made with heritage quality leather and improves with age, so that when you kick the bucket, you can rest in peace knowing that your children could be tied up in litigation for years over this piece of good old american craftsmanship.

Occidental Leather 5058LG Large Occidental Leather T-Shirt

If you love them, then own them

Large Occidental Leather T-Shirt

Show your love for the Oxy brand, on your own worksite. Occidental made this T shirt with a comfortable relaxed fit and design and it is made entirely from 100% cotton. The white T-shirt has the Occidental Leather famous Oxy red logo on the center, front of the shirt plus it now sports the new anniversary logo, on the  right sleeve.

Occidental Leather 6010 Oxy Mug

Occidental Leather 6010 Oxy Mug

Coffee, Tea, Expresso, Chai Latte…Hot Chocolate?

The 25th Anniversary edition of the Occidental Oxy Mug, can hold all of your hot drinks and marshmallows too! Cool fact about this mug, it works with an induction cooktop, that could turn out to be very handy on the work site.

Occidental Leather R310

Red Oxy Checkbook Cover

Check It Out

The hand crafted leather checkbook cover, featuring the  Occidental Leather logo, is made from premium tool bag leathers, and is designed to last a lifetime. the design of the checkbook accepts side or top loading personal checks.

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