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Occidental Leather Stronghold Lights 1546

August 16, 2013

Options that Create Flexibility

Occidental Leather 1546 Stronghold Lights

The new Occidental Leather 1546 Stronghold Lights product line is a build off of the already existing Occidental Stronghold Suspenda Vest System. Both systems look like a cross of a vest and suspenders made to support the back, the Original Stronghold system was crafted as a flexible belt free system that one could add bags of differing sizes to, in order to create their own unique belt type. The original system allows you to remove bags as well as add them for a truly customized feel and effect. The key difference between the old stronghold system and the stronghold lights is that, as the name reflects, is a lighter system that holds less bags but still gives you that customizability option that you may want or need.

Stronghold Lights 1546

The new Occidental Leather Stronghold Lights 1546 takes a page from its predessor with flexability and customizable options, and makes it for lighter work applications with an easy to use design. It is constructed from an ultra-light industrial nylon suspension set and offers the option of  pockets at chest height for use with light materials such as pencils or clip-on items. Engineered for back comfort and tool balance, it has an extremely comfortable, even weight distribution that offers relief from bulky tool belts. If the user desires it, there is the option to snap on and off heavy duty spring clips. The Stronghold lights keeps your back in a good place, so just slide it onto the leather loop attachment system for up to a 3″ tool belt (which is included).

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