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Occidental leather Company Spotlight American Made Tool Belts

April 18, 2012

Occidental Leather Company began in 1980, in a garage in Occidental California, and has grown into a full-fledged American success story. This American success story doesn’t involve billions of dollars in revenue, but happens to be a true success in terms of a quality product being made here in the USA and completely constructed out of USA products, including the leather, industrial fabric, hardware, nylon, and thread! The Occidental Leather Company sells their handmade products to quality dealers, delivering an integrity piece each and every time.

Compare the Occidental Leather product to many of the competitors and you will see right away the difference; the leather is thicker, the quality stitching is the finest in the industry, and the hardware is functional and high quality in nature. Occidental Leather has over 30 years under its belt in field tested designs and has become the byword for superiority in tool belts.

The design and engineering of the Occidental Leather tool belts and tool bags keep form and function working together to offer a workhorse belt or bag that will provide up to a decade of service, as long as you take care of your product.

“Combining 19th century craftsmanship with 21st century manufacturing techniques has resulted in exceptionally high quality tool holders and bags noted for their durability and efficient design.”

-Occidental Leather

Occidental Leather Company still resides in its original roots in beautiful Sonoma County, California and continues to create each product in a quality-working environment. Their integrity goes above and beyond tool belts and  tool bags, as they provide an exceptional workplace that offers a full benefits packages for their knowledgable employees, many of which have worked at Occidental Leather for twenty plus years! Designing the hardest working tool belts and tool bags shows Occidental Leathers unrelenting commitment to design excellence and makes your purchase with Occidental Leather a wise investment. Each and every tool belt and tool bag comes with a limited two-year warranty for defects and a lifetime warranty for stitches and rivets. To the left is an example of tool bags sent in for repair and shown below is the finished product.




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