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Pacific Laser Systems PLS1 Laser Distance Measurement Tool

October 23, 2013

 Laser Measurer General Info

Pacific Laser Systems PLS1 Laser Distance Measurement Tool

There are several differing measurements a laser measurer can do that are close to impossible to accomplish through traditional means. The application most commonly utilized is to measure between two walls, columns, or posts. To accomplish this the tool is placed against one wall, while the dot is aimed at the opposite wall. When the button on the measurer is pressed, the distance is displayed in your desired measurement either inches, feet or metrics.

Not all Measurers are Constructed Equally

When choosing a specific laser measurer look for what type of measurements you will be making in your daily application, many laser measurers can be highly sophisticated, while others are far more simplified in their tasks. The Pacific laser Systems PLS1 Laser Distance Measurement Tool has everything you could possibly desire, with a solid quality construction as well as the ability to take accurate readings. the PLS1 Laser has a 29 10 measurement memory storing your measurements for future use. This feature comes is particularly handy for cutting studs for a sloped wall. With area and volume capabilities it quickly measure square footage and cubic footage. In addition, it also measures Pythagoras, specifically used when you do not have a top surface to shoot to. The Pacific Laser system PLS1 has a minimum and maximum measuring mode, used to measure room diagonals as well as horizontal distances, all while it displays measurements in feet and inches.. Included is a distance measurer, a carrying case, and two AAA batteries.


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