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Pacific laser Systems PLS180-TOOL Laser Line, Plumb, Level and Square

April 15, 2012


The Pacific Laser Systems PLS180-Tool has a wow-factoring wide range total of 100 feet and an accuracy of 1/8” at 30 feet. It includes a 180-degree fan angle and an operation time of over thirty hours. The PLS180-Tool has a self-leveling range of six degrees as well as bright accurate red beams that are easy to read. It operates on a 180º line level, projecting the red beams both horizontally and vertically, as well as leveling and plumbing simultaneously.

 Indoors and Outdoors Use

The exceptional PLS180 –Tool Laser Line has a quality pulsed laser line that can be used indoors but is specifically designed to perform well outdoors, with the exception being sun drenched days, you can use this little PLS 180-Tool almost anywhere and in any weather.

 This Laser Level Brings It

The PLS180-Tool Laser Line will replace all other laser levels in your toolbox with its self-leveling laser line for plumb, level, and square. Saving you time on the job, whether it is commercial or residential, PLS180-Tool Laser rids you of the time consuming and old fashioned bubble vial level and rotary laser that can many times be frustratingly limited in its capabilities on the job. The PLS180-Tool is self-leveling with the longest laser lines, vertical or horizontal, available currently on the market. The PLS-180 also introduces its unique optic technology and internal shock frame for impact protection. Included with the Pacific Laser Systems PLS 180-TOOL is handy  magnetic wall bracket, a pouch, an operating manual, and a carrying case to keep the PLS180 inside while out on the job.






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