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Diamond Products 03853 FC7314SLR 14″ 73cc Fast-Cut SLR Cut-Off Saw

November 4, 2013

Fast and Well Balanced

Diamond Products 03853 FC7314SLR 14" 73cc Fast-Cut SLR Cut-Off Saw

The Diamond Products 03853 FC7314SLR 14″ 73cc Fast-Cut SLR Cut-Off Saw is well balanced in the grip, ultimately offering a quick and sturdy solution for all of your applications, without wearing you out. In fact this handsaw is lauded as a “best buy” in regards to power-to-weight ratio in the industry. In addition, this Diamond saw is lightweight with a compact modern design and construction.

Smooth Running

The Diamond Products 03853 FC7314SLR 14″ 73cc Fast-Cut SLR Cut-Off Saw has a smooth start decompression valve, which is made to reduce start up force by 70% overall. In addition, a  5-stage filtration system is built to keep the saw running as nicely as the first day of use. Several helpful features included on the diamond is the fully adjustable blade guard, a powerful 73cc engine, as well as optimized cooling resulting from efficient air flow and fuel compensation, thus reducing the cylinder temperature. A handy water kit is also included, with standard garden hose, for a quick disconnect. Finally, the ignition coil with start support function is included for faster start up. Continue reading “Diamond Products 03853 FC7314SLR 14″ 73cc Fast-Cut SLR Cut-Off Saw” »

SENCO 23SXP 1/2″-1-3/8″ FinishPro Nailer 8F0001N

November 3, 2013

The Hulk of Finish Nailer’s


SENCO 23SXP 1/2"-1-3/8" FinishPro Nailer

Do get green with jealousy! The SENCO 8F0001N 23SXP 1/2″-1-3/8″ FinishPro Nailer is the Hulk of finish nailers, busting out more power to finish your applications than any other  tool in its class. How you say? This Senco finish nailer does not discriminate when it comes to texture or material, as it finishes it’s punches off with complete drives into hard substrates.

Automatic for Different Lengths

The SENCO 8F0001N 23SXP 1/2″-1-3/8″ Finish Pro Nailer magazine automatically adjusts for you when you find yourself in need of different fastener lengths. In addition, this professional grade tool offers a handy reversible belt hook, making it all more versatile than ever. Plus, the finish pro nailer is constructed with a rear exhaust, with embedded muffler, and an ergonomically designed handle for comfortable all-day operation. But that’s not all, as this nailer has a well thought out design, with a last nail lockout, that prevents dry-firing. Furthermore, it’s ultra-narrow nose is great for tight spaces, as it easily allows simple access to mill work and tight corners. Included on the Senco nailer’s design is an on-board storage that allows you to hold an extra no-mar pad and jam clearing wrench.


The specifications of the SENCO 8F0001N 23SXP 1/2″-1-3/8″ Finish Pro Nailer are as follows; Its mode of operation is a sequential dual trigger safety . It has a regular operating pressure of 70-120 psi and an air inlet of 1/4″ NPT. Finally, the nailers fastener capacity is an even 100, with a fastener gauge of 23. The fastener length is 1/2″ – 1-3/8″.

SENCO 23LXP 1/2″-2″ FinishPro Nailer 8L0001N

November 2, 2013

Tough Tool for Those Who Need Power


SENCO 23LXP 1/2"-2" FinishPro Nailer 8L0001N

Gone are the days of needing to arrive to the party sporting a big clunky nailer with a cord that ran the length of the local football field. Remember during your Grandpa’s generation, when a man was measured by the severity of his carpel tunnel syndrome? Whereas, it use to make one look tougher to be sporting one of these big guy tools, now you just look like an antique. So maybe it’s time for an upgrade with a smaller tool that is faster and more powerful than your Labrador sized, 1970′s nailer. The SENCO 8L0001N 23LXP 1/2″-2″ FinishPro Nailer has been recognized as the most powerful tool in its class, although it has a modern size and design, it easily ensures complete drives into hard substrates.

Ergonomic Design

The SENCO 23LXP 1/2″-2″ FinishPro Nailer 8L0001N has a magazine that automatically adjusts for different fastener lengths as well as a reversible belt hook. In addition, the rear exhaust with embedded muffler keeps the tool running smoothly.  An ergonomic handle adds for comfortable all-day operation, as well as providing the aspect of a last nail lockout that prevents dry-firing. The Ultra-narrow nose is also great while working in tight spaces, as it allows easy access to mill work and tight corners. Finally, an onboard storage is included on this product for an extra no-mar pad and jam clearing wrench. Continue reading “SENCO 23LXP 1/2″-2″ FinishPro Nailer 8L0001N” »

Bosch GLL3-50 Three Line Laser with Layout Beam

November 1, 2013

Bosch GLL3-50 Three Line Laser with Layout Beam

Bosch is Crossing Lines

Crossing into new territories and drawing new lines, the Bosch GLL3-50 Three Line Laser with Layout Beam is completely unique to all of its laser predecessors. In fact it is different than any other laser beam product currently being sold on the tool market today. It comes with a Bosch Laser, a turning base, a belt pouch, a laser target, an L-Boxx Inlay, and  two AA 1.5 Volt batteries.

So, What is the Difference?

 The difference in the Bosch GLL3-50 Three Line Laser with Layout Beam, is that it is equipped with the lasers vertical, horizontal and cross line modes. What that does, is uniquely project two lines, either independently or together, which allows the laser to project and emit lines into a wide array of leveling and plumb applications. In addition, the highly-visible laser lines have  a wide 130º horizontal and 160º vertical fan angle, each of which are easily-seen, as the long lines minimize the need to re-position the unit. Furthermore, a robust over-molded housing, makes a durable companion in all occasions as it is IP54 water and dust proof to ensure years of dependable operation. Finally, a specialized “Pulse” laser receiver m13588/692 mode is a great feature for use with the optional LR2 Laser Receiver for getting accurate readings at long distances, as well as is great for seeing clearly during jobs that involve bright lighting. Additionally, the Bosch GLL3-50 Three Line Laser with Layout Beam has a new WM1 positioning device with Microfine Height Adjustments,  along with retractable feet and a 1/4-20 plus, 5/8-11 tripod. Finally, the strong magnets slots are available  for screws or nails, as well as raceways for optional straps.

Top Ten Tools Needed To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

October 31, 2013

To Celebrate Halloween, While Also Capitalizing On America’s New Obsession With The Walking Dead, We’ve Compiled Our Top Ten Tools To Have For The Zombie Apocalypse…

Part 4

5. The Hitachi CS33EB16 32 cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Rear Handle Chain Saw With 16″ Oregon Bar And Chain maybe loud, but if your going down, don’t be afraid to go down in style. Find yourself with a fresh bite wound on your left hand no problem, just fire up this bad boy and watch as amputations are made easy. Then just attach this where your hand use to be, holler out “Groovy” and go to work, as this chain saw provides excellent cutting performance and reliability. In addition, the five point anti-vibration system provides maximum comfort as you are sawing your way to safety, and all with less fatigue to boot. Finally, the 16″ Oregon bar and chain reduces overall kickback and provides a superior cutting performance.

Hitachi CS33EB16 32 cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Rear Handle Chain Saw with 16" Oregon Bar

4.WD40 10010 1 gallon wd-40. No we are not kidding. Let me just list everything this post apocalypse life saving solution does for you and your tools; Cleans resin encrusted table saw blades, removes oil and tar from hands, protects tools from corrosion, protects band-saw bearings, cleans metal surfaces, lubricates flashlight battery compartments to ease the removal of stuck batteries, cleans rusty saws, removes pine pitch (and most likely zombie bits and pieces) from table saw blades, prevents rust on clamps, keeps metal filing tools from filling with lead or zinc. Last but not least, it can even help you fix watches, just in case your trying to figure out how much time you have before your next watch. Continue reading “Top Ten Tools Needed To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse” »

Top Ten tools Needed To survive The Zombie Apocalypse

October 30, 2013

Part 3 of our 4 Part Halloween Special Features Our Top 10 Must Have Tools For Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse

Part Three

10. Nupla 31063 6 lb AP-6-32. Pick Head Axe 32″ Classic Handle. A classic Zombie killing tool that you just have to have. Also Great for clearing off the fence.

9. Pyramex GG504TSHIELD Capstone Shield.  Keep spatter off your face and your nose intact, with this sanitary face saving product. That way when you do go, you’ll still be the best looking “walker” with a limp in your gait. The Pyramex Capstone GG504 shield has a removable shield that can be opened or closed in three positions.  It features four ventilation holes for airflow, as well as a poly carbonate shield on the outside, and on the inside it has a soft vinyl goggle that smoothly conforms to the users facial contours for a great fit. Finally, the high impact resistance against flying particles is a plus, as well as the fact that it fits over prescription glasses.

Pyramex GC504 TSHIELD Capstone Shield

8. weatherguard 126-3-02 Saddle Box – Steel. Its a dog eat dog world now, but more so in a literal sense. A tool box is an uncompromisingly necessary solution, because you are not just fending yourself from the local zombies, you are also trying to keep your survival stash safe from roving would be thieves! This Saddle box is great for equipping to your mobile artillery vehicle, or truck! And it features an EXTREME PROTECTION Lock , a 90º cover opening for easy access, level storage that secures a 48″ level, a 12v access for electrical up-fits, which even features a Bright White Armor-Tuf powder coat finish. Continue reading “Top Ten tools Needed To survive The Zombie Apocalypse” »

Part 2 Top Ten Worst Tools to Have For The Zombie Apocalypse

October 29, 2013

Do Be Ninja quiet and don’t call attention to yourself. As the evolution of Survival sometimes requires you to think in new ways, what once seemed like a great idea can suddenly be a very, very bad idea when dealing with the re-animated corpses of lost love ones and neighbors. Here is our compilation of the very worst tools to use in a zombie apocalypse.

Part 2

Milwaukee 2347-2X High Vis Heated Jacket

5. The Milwaukee 2347-2x M12 cordless ANSI class III Heated Jacket might seem like a great idea when trying to avoid being struck by an RV full of speeding refugees, but loses it’s appeal when you picture the grey stripes as pre-portioning your HIGHLY VISIBLE extremities. At a certain point, if you find yourself asking whether or not you have a better chance strapping on a cordless strobe light to your back and hanging a mini disco ball from your neck, then you might want to veer towards an option that doesn’t merely equivocate to a means of heating food .

4. DeWalt DC547B 18V Cordless Adhesive Gun 300 Ml. If the only gun you can get your hands on is this DeWalt adhesive gun, then maybe you might want to start practicing your best zombie groan..graaah..greehh..rwerrrr.

3. TRM 620C 20×100 6 mil Clear Visqueen. If your looking for a way to entertain yourself then by all means lay a few hundred feet of this down in the prison yard and let the laughs begin as you watch zombies start slipping and piling up on each other… Or secretly lay this down around the corner in one of the halls and watch one of your fellow survivors turn the corner and accidentally start doing their best running in place Scooby Doo impression…. other than that you might want to consider grabbing something just a little sharper. Continue reading “Part 2 Top Ten Worst Tools to Have For The Zombie Apocalypse” »

Top Ten Worst Tools to Have For The Zombie Apocalypse

October 28, 2013

Do Be Ninja quiet, and don’t call attention to yourself. As the evolution of Survival sometimes requires you to think in new ways, what once seemed like a great idea can suddenly be a very, very bad idea when dealing with the re-animated corpses of lost love ones and neighbors. Here is our compilation of the very worst tools to use in a zombie apocalypse.

Part 1

10. CEP 5309 10 foot 1000 watt Metal Halilide. I know what your thinking, a 1000 Watt, 10 foot light, would be great for gathering around the refugee campfire to wipe away tears and sing Kumbiyah… that is until you realize you should have just covered yourself in barbeque sauce and drafted your will. Next time try something a little more subtle like a lighter.

Jackson Safety 3007770 Stop/Slow Paddle

9. At first glance, trying to maintain some semblance of structure and order might seem like time well spent that is until your realizes that zombies never stop and only have two speeds, slow and frantically slow… That being said the only benefit you’ll find from the Jackson Safety 3007591 Stop/Slow Paddle is as blunt instrument to bludgeon the idiot who brought it back to camp from his last “run”.


 8. Falcon MSN SIGNAL HORN. There’s bad ideas, and then there’s really bad ideas that emit an ear shattering 120 decibel dinner bell. In a world where mimes are considered to be a species that has a superior set of genetically advanced survival skills, my advice is to ditch the fog horn and pick up sign language.

7. Makita BMR100WZ 18V LXT Li-Ion Cordless FM/AM Jobsite Radio. Although this radio is pretty awesome with an MP3 connection that is compatible for iPod or MP3 players, and a compact design that delivers rich stereo sound from two powerful 3.25″ side-firing drivers, you may just find that investing in other hobbies that celebrate the expressive arts, is a much more self serving endeavor that offers the added benefit of producing a lot less anxiety… That being said I’ve always found music appreciation to be highly overrated, instead try finger painting or flash free photography. Continue reading “Top Ten Worst Tools to Have For The Zombie Apocalypse” »

Klein 55455M Tradesman Pro Tech Bag

October 27, 2013

Keep It Together

Part 1

Organize your tools into a system of bags, so that when you get out of the truck and arrive at the job, you won’t have to spend a lot of unnecessary time scouring around for the right tool.

The Klein 55455M Tradesman Pro Tech Bag features a separate compartment that keeps your laptop protected from other tools. It also has a  storage area for adapters and cables. The zipper pockets are available for files and paperwork as well as an organizer pocket for pens, phones, cables, and more. In addition, it also has an area for 22 pockets, offering tons of tool storage, plus an orange interior that will help you locate your tools faster. A shoulder strap and handle are equipped on the bag for easy carrying. Finally, this pro tech bag is constructed with protective guards and a water resistant material, on the bottom, protects the bag from the elements. This bag includes 22 total  pockets, a height of 15.25″, a width of  17.5″, and a depth of 7.00″. Continue reading “Klein 55455M Tradesman Pro Tech Bag” »

TPI ICH-240C Fan Forced Utility Heater – 240V

October 26, 2013

Beat The Chills with this Small Heater

Winters icy chill is blowing in through every work shop, work site, hunting cabin, and man cave across the United States, curling up mustaches and toes everywhere! As you shuffle around doubled up in long johns, it may occur to you to get a small heater. With the PI ICH-240C Fan Forced Utility Heater you can melt the icicles in your beard or stop worrying about your woman snapping off one of her frostbitten toes under the covers, when she starts rubbing them against your unwelcoming calves and ankles.

The TPI ICH-240C Fan Forced Utility Heater – 240V

TPI ICH-240C Fan Forced Utility Heater - 240V

The TPI ICH-240C is constructed with a finned steel tubular heating element, making it safer to run than traditional heaters. The internal overheat thermostat, will not let your heater over heat itself, even when left on for extended periods of time. This will keep you and those around you safe from instances of overheating and causing a fire to start.  Designed specifically with safety in mind, a safety temperature control thermostat, keeps the heat in check while you relax by it’s warmth, or even if you simply need to go out in the garage to do a little early morning work. Continue reading “TPI ICH-240C Fan Forced Utility Heater – 240V” »