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Milwaukee 2270-20 Contact Temp Meter

October 15, 2013

A Contact Temp Meter That Knows How To Accessorize

Milwaukee 2270-20 Contact Temp Meter

Milwaukee who always knows how to press the competition and give its customer base more bang for their buck, has succeeded yet again with the introduction of the Milwaukee 2270-20 Contact Temp Meter. The 2270-20 comes standard with the Temp Meter, 3 AA batteries, 2 K-Type thermocouples, 1 magnet strap, and one manual. As such, if your looking for a contact temp meter with plenty of extra amenities then you should definitely go with Milwaukee’s 2270-20.

Dual Temperature Measurements With A Timer Function

Milwaukee’s 2270-20 contact temp meter doesn’t just come with plenty of accessories, it also comes with plenty of features. One such feature, is that it comes with the ability to measure temperatures from 2500 to -328 degrees Fahrenheit or 1372 to -200 degrees Celsius, which allows you to cover most common applications that a contact temp meter would be called on for. In addition, the 2270-20 also includes a dual temperature measurement function that allows for faster measurement of heating and cooling systems. If that wasn’t enough however, Milwaukee also had the foresight to include a timer function that allows for easy tracking of minimum, maximum, and average temperatures as they are recorded over time.

Accurate With A High Contrast Display

Other great features of Milwaukee’s 2270-20 Contact Temp Meter are that it is accurate to 0.1% of reading plus or minus 0.7 degrees Celsius, enabling correct measurements every time. In addition, Milwaukee included a hold button that allows you to capture screen readings, that are easy to read, thanks to the included high contrast white on black display included on the device. Finally Milwaukee also engineered the 2270-20 with a magnet strap that allows you to hang the meter in all applications, as well as a rugged over molding that helps improve the device’s grip and durability. Continue reading “Milwaukee 2270-20 Contact Temp Meter” »

Milwaukee 6130-33 7.0 AMP 4-1/2″ Small Angle Grinder

October 14, 2013

Smart Engineering Designed To Protect

Milwaukee 6130-33 7.0 AMP Small Angle Grinder

The Milwaukee 6130-33 7.0 AMP 4-1/2″ Small Angle Grinder has smart engineering that emphasizes tool conservation. First, the 6130-33 is designed with Debris Baffles that protect internal components by deflecting damaging debris out of the airflow by preventing them from getting sucked into the intake vents. Secondly, it contains a multi-port exhaust that reduces motor burn up by efficiently venting hot air out of and away from the grinder. Lastly, the 6130-33 is the only grinder in it’s class that includes a tool free, burst resistant guard, which is even compatible with multiple grinder guards and frames.

Compact And Powerful

The Milwaukee 6130-33 is not only compact but powerful as well. First, it features a compact, lightweight design with a 10.2 inch long frame that weighs only 3.5 lbs. to make it the most lightweight and compact grinder in the entire Milwaukee line. Whereas Milwaukee sacrificed bulk and weight, they surely didn’t sacrifice anything in terms of power and performance, as the this small angel grinder contains a 7.0 amp, 750 MWO Motor that is powerful enough for any daily application.  In addition, this powerful motor produces up to 1100 RPM’s and runs on 120V AC electricity.  Continue reading “Milwaukee 6130-33 7.0 AMP 4-1/2″ Small Angle Grinder” »

Milwaukee 2673-20L M18 FORCE LOGIC Long Throw Press Tool Kit

October 13, 2013

Small And Balanced

Milwaukee 2673-20L Long Throw Press Tool Kit

From the company that pioneered the Sawzall and gave you a century of innovation, comes the Milwaukee 2673-20L M18 FORCE LOGIC Long Throw Press Tool Kit, which is easily one of the best press tool kits on the market. The 2673-20L long throw press tool kit is renowned as being the smallest and lightest long throw press tool in the market, weighing in at a mere 9.5 lbs. This lightweight design helps the 2673-20 achieve a truly balanced, in-line design. Both of which are engineered to provide the end user with a truly comfortable, ergonomically enhanced, application experience.

An Industry Leader

Besides it’s industry leading lightweight, the 2673-20L also sets the standard with an industry leading 40,000 cycles between calibration inspections, all while providing visual assurance of quality connections. This means you can safely count on your 2673-20L M18 FORCE LOGIC long throw press tool kit to last longer and require less downtime generated from maintenance requirements.

Two Strokes With M18 Versatility

Milwaukee’s 2673-20L has a long stroke that provides the ability to press larger dimensions, while also making easy work of more demanding pipe like stainless steel. In addition, it also includes a shorter stroke that provides faster press times on jaws and copper rings. Finally, because the 2673-20L works on the M18 system, it is able to offer it’s user up to 35+ solutions on one battery pack. Continue reading “Milwaukee 2673-20L M18 FORCE LOGIC Long Throw Press Tool Kit” »

Mechanix MG4X-75-008 Small Material4X Original Gloves

October 12, 2013

A Great Looking Pair Of Performance Work Gloves

Mechanix MG3X-75-008 Material4X Original Gloves

One look at the Mechanix MG4X-75-008 Small Material4X Original Gloves and you can tell that these are a great looking pair of gloves, but beastly beauty doesn’t have to sacrifice performance and function. In this regard, Mechanix was not content to merely produce a pair of work gloves that weren’t up to the task at hand, as such they manufactured their MG4X-75-008 original gloves with reinforcement panels in high wear area’s where they would need them most, in order to provide increased durability. In addition, using the right blend of fabrics they were able to provide their MG4x-75-008′s with high abrasion resistance that offers greater tear protection than traditional synthetic leather and genuine leather.

A Great Glove With A Great Fit

If you thought that all there was to Mechanix’s Material4X Original Gloves, was a great aesthetically pleasing wrapper made of fancy fabric, then check out these other features that raise the bar in terms of form fitting work apparel. First, Mechanix’s MG4X-75-008 are designed with TrekDry moisture wicking material that not only help you keep your hands dry but also afford the wearer with the most comfortable fit possible. To further enhance the fit of their original gloves, Mechanix also included a TPR closure with hook and loop that make for a truly comfortable and securely fitting glove.  Continue reading “Mechanix MG4X-75-008 Small Material4X Original Gloves” »

Rothenberger 15276 ROCAM3 Multimedia Inspection Camera

October 11, 2013

High Tech Sophistication

Rothenberger 15276 ROCAM3 Multimedia Inspection Camera

Not necessarily quite as well known as Ridgid, doesn’t mean that Rothenberger doesn’t put every bit as much quality in the manufacturing of their products.  The Rothenberger 15276 ROCAM3 Multimedia Inspection Camera offers many of the amenities of comparable competitive offerings, however at a much more competitive price point. For example, the 15276 comes stock with a large 10.4 inch TFT LCD removable color display that affords it’s user the ability to make precise and reliable pipe guidance possible. In addition, the 15276 even allows it’s user the ability to record photos and videos thanks to the included logging software. And that’s not all, as Rothenberger’s ROCAM3 multimedia inspection camera also includes a self leveling color picture and a digital distance counter for the accurate determination of camera head distance.  Continue reading “Rothenberger 15276 ROCAM3 Multimedia Inspection Camera” »

Milwaukee 2730-22 M18 FUEL 6-1/2″ Circular Saw Kit with 2 Batteries

October 10, 2013

Milwaukee 2730-22 M18 FUEL 6-1/2" Circular Saw Kit with 2 Batteries

All the Bells and Whistles Plus Loads of Power

Get it all with the Milwaukee 2730-22 M18 FUEL 6-1/2″ Circular Saw Kit with 2 Batteries! This Circular Saw has it all including an M18 FUEL 6-1/2″ Circular Saw (2730-20), two M18 REDLITHIUM XC 4.0 Extended Capacity Battery Packs (48-11-1840), one  M18 and one  M12 Multi-Voltage Charger (48-59-1812), as well as a blade, a blade wrench, and a contractors bag. The M18 FUEL™ 6-1/2” Circular Saw is quite honestly  the fastest cutting 18-volt cordless circular saw on the market, and that’s a proven fact. The numbers do not lie, as this saw offers up to a 30% faster cutting speed, 2 times more run-time with the REDLITHIUM 4.0 XC battery, and 3 times the tool life of other competitive offerings. Continue reading “Milwaukee 2730-22 M18 FUEL 6-1/2″ Circular Saw Kit with 2 Batteries” »

Greenlee 45 mm Remote ACSR Cable Guillotine Cutter SDG45

October 9, 2013

Do-It-All Cutter

Greenlee 45 mm Remote ACSR Cable Guillotine Cutter SDG45

Every jobsite and professional has a plethora of cutting needs, this Greenlee SDG45 45 mm Remote ACSR Cable Guillotine Cutter is perfect as the go to cutter for every day, multi material uses. Not made for a specific task or a specific material, the cutter has a design and shape ideal for the tasks that require a complete cutting solution for a wide range of materials.

Must Own Tool

Invaluable for a shop or worksite to have on hand, the Greenlee Cable Guillotine, is truly a very handy product to have around, as it will cut just about anything you throw its way. As such this Greenlee Guillotine Cable Cutter can cut through Communication cables, Cu cables, and AI power cables, which measure 1-3/4” or 50mm. It also handles connector cables that measure 3/8” NPT Male the screw-type. ACSR cable 1590 kcmil MCM, standard guy strand 5/8” 16mm, EHS guy strand 1/2” 13mm, ground rod: 5/8” 16mm, tough thick rebar: 1/2” 13mm, and wire rope 5/8” 16mm. You will never know how you lived without it!

Lightweight with a Specific Blade Profile

Just because this tool does it all, does not mean it has to be overwhelmingly cumbersome. In fact the tool is still quite lightweight, making it simple to travel with and complete jobs on the road. It has a length of 13.4”, making the body a truly compact design. In addition, it offers an exceptional blade profile, which has been carefully engineered and implemented into the design of the SDG45, which allows the SDG45 the ability to cut through steel.  Finally, to limit the safety risks that cable cutting poses, Greenlee included a design specific patented locking pin with a closed guillotine head, both of which are designed to work cooperatively and in conjunction with one another to offer even further additional safety.

Greenlee 18V Battery-Powered Gator Cable Cutter with 12V Charger ESG105LU12

October 8, 2013

Power Cables Don’t Stand a Chance


Greenlee 18V Battery-Powered Gator Cable Cutter with 12V Charger ESG105LU12

The Greenlee ESG105LU12 18V Battery-Powered Gator Cable Cutter with 12V Charger is no bare tool, as it comes to you complete and ready for use with a cable cutter, and a battery, as well an efficient 12 volt charger. No doubt, this power tool is for professionals only, as the cutter gets the toughest jobs done, all while it easily facilitates the biggest of jobs. Greenlee’s Gator sears through the toughest of cuts with a strong construction that is married to a truly quality design.  The Greenlee ESG105LU12 18 volt cutter easily withstands many hazardous worksite conditions and treatment that can occur throughout the normal course of cutting through power lines and cables. Greenlee has made their ESG105LU12 cable cutting tool, the absolute ideal solution for professional’s that are cutting 4-1/8” Diameter or 105mm communication cables, Cu cables and AI power cables.

A Clean Cut

The Greenlee Gator makes choosing easy!  That’s because Greenlee’s stock of premium engineers have designed the Greenlee ESG105LU12 with quality precision blades, that are able to make the cleanest, precision cuts available. Furthermore, with the ESG105LU12 downtime is not an issue, as the tool has up to 41 cycles per charge and takes only 28 minutes of recharge time, before it is ready to be reused. Another great feature of the ESG105LU12  Gator Cable Cutter is that it provides it’s user with a unique guillotine designed cutting head. This head has an unusually placed bolt that interlocks, and which allows it’s user with complete control throughout the entire cutting process. This important feature eliminates the need for tugging or pulling, as it provides additional safety and cutting control for its operator. Continue reading “Greenlee 18V Battery-Powered Gator Cable Cutter with 12V Charger ESG105LU12” »

Greenlee LP6-08 6 Ton Closed Center Hydraulic Cutting/Crimping Tool with CJD3BG Jaw and 3/4 -16 Coupler

October 7, 2013

Make a Change Quick!


Greenlee LP6-08 6 Ton Closed Center Hydraulic Cutting/Crimping Tool with CJD3BG Jaw and 3/4 -16 Coupler

Leave all the frustration behind as you make changes on your crimping tool a whole heck of a lot quicker!  The Greenlee LP6-08 6 Ton Closed Center Hydraulic Cutting/Crimping Tool with CJD3BG Jaw and 3/4 -16 Coupler steps up as Greenlee’s answer for making swift tool changes happen! In order to achieve such a fast changing capability, the new LP6-08 was engineered with a new spring loaded pin that really enhances this product and sets it apart from other Hydraulic cutting and crimping tools. Check out this crimping/cutting tool’s interchangeable crimping and cutting jaws, they simply outperform all competitor products that utilize a fixed jaw head design.

Got Tight Spaces? Not a Problem

Tight, constricted and confined spaces will no longer make you immediately take on an angry expression filled with choice expletives. Instead, thanks to the LP6-08′s new compact and modern design, you’ll find that crimping and cutting inside of an opening the size of small purse will be no problem, and the LP6-08 even comes with a handy 350° rotating head! Professionals everywhere will find the rotating head very useful in several normally, problematic application scenarios where a frustrated worker might find themselves without the requisite elbow room needed to finish the job or finish it well. With the rotating head however, those same product users will find themselves with a lot more room to spare. Continue reading “Greenlee LP6-08 6 Ton Closed Center Hydraulic Cutting/Crimping Tool with CJD3BG Jaw and 3/4 -16 Coupler” »

Klein MM5000N Electrician’s TRMS Multimeter with NIST Certification

October 4, 2013

American Made

Klein MM5000N Electrician's TRMS Multimeter with NIST Certification

Made in the very place it was innovated, the all new Klein MM5000N Electrician’s TRMS Multimeter with NIST Certification is made right here in the USA. Supporting your own country was never so easy as purchasing this durable, American-made True RMS Multimeter, which provides you with accurate readings of all signals. Included in the box is a multimeter, a test lead, batteries, and a carrying case.

Auto Ranging

Although light at only 14 ounces, the Klein MM5000N Multimeter, with it’s smart design surely isn’t light on performance. Thanks in part to it’s auto ranging ability that measures resistances and AC/DC voltage up to a 1000 volts. The low impedance reduces interference, such as the possibility of detecting ghost voltage. It also comes complete with a µA setting for checking flame sensors, and an analog bar graph for capturing fast moving readings. In addition, the MM5000N easily delivering the most accurate readings for any task you assign it too, with a basic DC accuracy of ±0.3%. Continue reading “Klein MM5000N Electrician’s TRMS Multimeter with NIST Certification” »