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The Little Things Part 2

January 6, 2013

In part 2 of worksite needs – the little things, we finish our top 10 list of worksite essentials with cones and safety equipment.

5. Safety Cones. The Cone 36PVC 36 inch Tall Traffic Cone can be used on almost all worksites to block off working areas, or for directing work trucks and pedestrian traffic flow.


Aervoe 1198 Solar Lamp

4. Signal Light. Aervoe 1198 Solar Strobe/Signal Light-Yellow can be mounted vertically or horizontally on surfaces such as metal, concrete, wood, and asphalt. This unit is also used with rubber traffic safety cones with a top inside hole diameter of at least 1-5/16″ to accommodate the shaft.

3. Ear Protection. The Pyramex DPD1001 Corded metal detectable disposable earplugs-100 pair/box are disposable metal detectable corded ear plugs with a contoured fit which can adjust and fit to any ear canal size along with a soft foam that provides all day comfort.

Guardian 70003 Safety Netting

2. Safety and Debris Netting. The Guardian 70003 Construction Safety Netting nets are comprised of a double strand configuration. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that they are strong and durable. The debris netting contains FR and UV coatings to provide a longer lasting product. It can withstand wind, rain, sun and other environmentally damaging conditions. Additionally, this netting meets OSHA’s Guardrail Standard and comes in Orange Fire, Blue Fire, and black, and is 4 feet high and 150 feet in length.


Pack Kit Safety 6430 First Aid Kit

1. First Aid Kit. The Pack Kit Safety 6430 #25 PLUS Weatherproof Plastic First Aid Kit has everything you need for a worksite emergency, including; 100 1″ x 3″ Adhesive Strips, a Wound Dressing Pack, 1 5″ x 9″ Sterile Lamino Pad, 5 4″ x 4″ Sterile Gauze Pads, 1 5yd Non-Sterile Stretch Gauze, 5 yd Adhesive Tape, 1 pair Latex Exam Gloves, 40″ Triangular Bandage, 30 Antiseptic Wipes, 6 Packets of First Aid Burn Cream, Aspirin Tablets, Eye Flush & Dressing Pack, Eye Flush Bottle,  Sterile Eye Pads, Adhesive Eye Strips, Instant Cold Pack, Scissors, and Forceps.

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