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Personal Protection Equipment

August 10, 2012

Protecting your eyes, face, feet, hands and head are important on a job site and wearing protective gear helps keep you safe from any potential accident that may occur. Below is a list of each of the major categories of personal protective equipment that should be worn each and every time the job calls for it.

Eye & Face Protection

Safety glasses like Edge Eyewear’s TSM212 Dakura Polarized will aid in the driving of heavy machinery blocking 99.9% of UVA/UVB/UVC rays.

Face shields like the Fiber Metal F500 7″ Crown With Ratchet Headband should be worn during any project that includes welding, cutting, nailing, grinding, concrete work, electrical work on energized electrical systems and when harmful chemicals are being applied.

Foot Protection

Additionally needed on the work site are slip resistant work shoes or work boots that are puncture resistant with a reinforced steel toe. Protecting your feet from being crushed while working around heavy equipment should always be a top priority.

Another option is a slip resistant mat layer laid down on the job site work floor such as the SurfaceSheilds Pro Shield Roll, which keeps floors and counters safe from debris and damage. The mat is leak proof, highly absorbent and an all around surface protector.

Hand Protection

Gloves are an important component to protect yourself on the work site and on any project you may be doing on your own. Several types of gloves are available depending and or required depending on the type of job your working on:

  • Heavy-duty rubber gloves, such as the Mechanix Vent Glove can be used for concrete work.

    Irwin 4403233 ArmorDex Work Glove

  • Welding gloves, like the Tillman 750L ElkSkin Welding Gloves are essential in helping to maintain gripping and to prevent damage to your hands caused by extensive overexposure to heat.
  •  Leather gloves like the Irwin 4403233 ArmorDex Work Glovesare specifically designed to offer the wearer optimum protection and dexterity.

Fiber Metal Cap Style Magenta Hard Hat

Head Protection

Hard hats, like the Fiber Metal Cap Style Magenta Hard Hat, should be worn any time there is potential for objects falling from heights, or where falling objects can cause more than just a mere bump to the head.  In addition hard hats can mean life or death when someone  has an accidental head contact with any type of electrical hazards. Hard hats should be routinely inspected for dents, cracks or deterioration and should be replaced after a heavy blow or electrical shock.

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