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Porter Cable 18V Bare Infrared Thermometer PCC581B

September 26, 2012

Compact and Made to Travel

Porter Cable 18V Bare Infrared Thermometer PCC581B

The compact size of the Porter Cable 18V Bare Infrared Thermometer PCC581B is made to make travel easy and storing the tool a snap. While carrying this Infrared Thermometer on your hip or in your pocket may not be noticeable, the superior performance of this device most definitely will be… And with its aggressive price point the PCC581B is arguably one of the best economy buys amongst its competitors.

As an infrared thermometer made specifically for non-contact surface temperature measurements, the Porter Cable PCC581B has the ability to show current  energy leaks while also indicating the presence of  hot and cold spots. In addition, Porter Cable has engineered into this thermometer a support mechanism dubbed the “temperature indicator beam” which will accommodate the user as it changes color to to show the occurring temperature differences. The temperature indicator beam will turn blue when showing the operator areas that are  cooler, and turn red while displaying areas that are warmer than the reference temperature. There are three handy temperature threshold settings including  - 1°, 5°, 10°, and which are made to support the operator in  quickly detecting the differing temperature changes.

The PCC581B Infrared Thermometer has a 12:1 spot ratio for more accurate readings. In fact it can accurately measure the temperatures from -22°F to 590°F easily, allowing the operator to get consistently accurate reads in multiple environments and across various applications. The PCC581B Infrared Thermometer is sold as a bare tool meaning that the battery and charger are sold separately.

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