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Porter Cable 7″ Power Paint Remover 7403

July 13, 2012

 Many times when the Do-It-Yourselfer’s faced with a problem like paint scraping their house, big bog stores give them a plethora of options to try, such as gels or hand held scrapers, they also turn them onto the powered water pressure sprayers or even sanding. Pressure washers are okay for non porous materials but leave a residual moisture, which especially in wood, will cause paint to bubble and peel when temperature drops or spikes cause it to get very hot or cold. Hand held scrapers lead to a lot of unnecessary gouging, requiring a lot of work and arm muscle to finish the job, many times leaving your hard work looking like a sloppy mess. Gels goop up around the material and have an unnecessary sticky factor, and sanders can many times do more damage to the material than help.

The answer, work smarter not harder! At a mere 10″ in length the   Porter Cable 7″ Power Paint Remover 7403 offers you a swift, consistent aesthetic look, while offering you a controlled removal of paint from wood, compositions, and many other surfaces. No need to work so hard, this power tool does the work for you while leaving your surface with a professional finish and appeal. How? Because this Power Paint Remover is engineered with vertical & horizontal adjustments, lending to the appearance of a completely uniform removal. The 7403 Power Paint Remover has a variable-speed dial consisting of 3,300-4,500 rpm’s. Additionally it contains a tungsten carbide disc of 24, 36, and 46 grit. It includes a 100% ball bearings and an adjustable side handle, which mounts right or left. Real power in the Porter Cable 7403 surges through the  120V and  8 motor amps. It supports a no load speed of  3,300 – 4,500 RPMs, as well as a precision Helical gear drive.

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