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Porter Cable Deluxe Plate Joiner Kit 557

August 30, 2012

Beauty and the Joint

Porter Cable 557 Deluxe Joiner Kit

Woodworkers will argue that the challenge they face as true professional is to accurately join two pieces of wood together while creating an aesthetically pleasing joint which will maintain its strength and durability for years to come. Several of these joints include a mortise and tenon joint, a tongue and groove joint, a basic joinery, and a  butt joint.

Professional Results

The Porter Cable 557 Deluxe Plate Joiner Kit can help you make your joints professional and sturdy by giving you the edge in your woodworking. First, it has a fence tilt that adjusts from 0° to 135°, with positive adjustable stops at 90°, thus allowing it the ability to meet all your angles and needs. Secondly, it is designed to be height scale accurate at any angle with the precise micro height-adjustment knob.

Included is a 1″ O.D. dust port, which accepts any standard bag or can be connected to a shop vacuum, saving your lungs from having to endure inhalation from a swirl of wood debris in your workshop. A handy lock-on trigger is featured on the Deluxe Plate Joiner Kit 557 and includes both 2 inch and 4 inch diameter blades included in the kit for standard and face-frame biscuits. Also, in this kit is a seven-position rotating depth stop for FF, #0, #10, #20, Simplex, Duplex, and Max (#6) biscuits. A spindle lock for easy blade changes and a bale handle attached to fence, not the Porter Cable motor. This provides increased endurance and stability, as well as offers additional control while making your cuts. Running on 120 volts and 7.5 motor amps its blades are fast and accurate, cutting at 10,000 RPM’s. The Porter Cable Deluxe Plate Jointer 557 comes complete with a 2 inch blade, a 4inch blade, a centering plate, a dust bag, an allen wrench, a chip deflector, a carrying case, and an operation manual.

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