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Porter Cable Pneumatic HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun PSH1

March 10, 2013

 So you can build a cabinet, a rocking chair, and a shutter for your house windows, but can you really finish the job? Start doing a top professional finish on your projects with the Porter Cable Pneumatic HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun  PSH1.  Your projects and work aesthetics will be in higher demand as you finish the job, so to speak, with a quality painting spray gun; no chips, no flakes, and no more scratches on your paint.  Most of all NO MORE spray paint, which reminds me, real men use spray gun’s, not a tin can with a nozzle!

The Porter Cable PSH1 can be utilized for any one of the following applications; spraying enamel, lacquer, stain, prime, and urethane. The best part is that you can put on multiple coats evenly, unless of coarse you space out for five minutes with the trigger depressed, while staring blankly at the same spot on the wall. In addition the Porter Cable PSH1 will just make you feel cool while it is firmly in your hand, yesterday you were Larry the painter from Ohio… Today, Lorenzo the french artÍst.

Now lets get specific; the Porter Cable PSH1 has a 1/4″ NPS air inlet, with a maximum 100 pounds per square inch of air pressure and a recommended run rate of 45 psi. As for storage capacity, the cup holds 20.29 ounces. The PSH1 comes with the spray gun, an air adjusting valve with gauge, and a D26395 nozzle, all inclusive at time of purchase. With this spray gun you will experience Porter Cable’s latest technology; a high volume, low pressure sprayer for high output and low overspray,  a lightweight yet durable die-cast alloy gun body, fully adjustable fluid spray controls for your desired and precise operation, as well as a stainless steel fluid nozzle with needle.

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