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Power Cut Off Saws: Part 2 Featuring The Bosch 12″ Abrasive Cutoff Machine 1364

December 28, 2012

In part one of “Power Cut Off Saws” the pros and cons of gas and hydraulic cut off saws were discussed at length. In part two of “Power Cut Off Saws” we discuss the pros and cons of pneumatic and electric cut off saws.


Bosch 12" Abrasive Cutoff Machine 1364

Electric cut off saws are the “go-to-saw” for indoor work as they do not give off noxious and toxic fumes like the gas and hydraulic cut off saws. They are also an inexpensive alternative to gas and hydraulic saws. The downside to an electric saw versus a gas or hydraulic is the power. Electric cut off saws are not as powerful as gas and hydraulic and they cannot be used under wet conditions either. That being said however, they are quiet and can be purchased with blade guards that have vacuum attachment ports used for dust control. A great cut off saw and one of our recommendations, is the Bosch 12″ Abrasive Cutoff Machine 1364. This Bosch 1364,  runs on 15.0 Amps and is double insulated, UL listed, complies to all OSHA standards. Plus, it has a handy AC/DC capability  which extends the versatility of the Bosch 1364 cut off tool by being adaptable to utilize provisioned DC outlets, such as those provided by welders and generators. In addition, this tool has been crafted with smart engineering, which provides debris removal and wheel rotation, and which carries sparks, dust and debris away from the operator. It also has a reinforced armature winding, this effectively protects the Bosch motor against possible abrasive dust and metal debris. Another supportive measure Bosch took to protect the 1364′s motor  life, is the “service minder brushes”, these brushes  eliminate guesswork, by stopping the tool when preventative maintenance is required. Finally a large footplate  is designed to improve the tool’s stability, allowing for a greater depth of cut, by making it smooth on both sides for guiding.


Pnuematic saws are air powered and many times are chosen by contractor’s who already have lots of pneumatic tools that goes with the requisite air compressor that must be purchased separately. Pneumatic saws preform well inside and outside, and are many times the choice for confined spaces such as man holes and pipe trenches. The cons with a pneumatic cut off saw, is the problem that all pneumatic tools face, which is that they are susceptible to damage from dust, and from moisture entering their air hoses.

So there you have it, the four choices in cut off saws; gas, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric. Now that you are informed on the pros and cons of cut off saws, hopefully you will be better suited to make an educated purchase the next time your looking to purchase one.

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