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Knowing What’s Safe About Safety Glasses – Part 1

April 3, 2012

Part One: The definition of each type of eyewear product

Wearing your protective eye wear like Pyramex Safety Glasses on the job is akin to  wearing a helmet while riding your motor bike, in other words, its essential.In order to understand what type of eye wear is best for you, we have broken down the different lingo you will see when choosing a pair to buy. Just remember that these safety glasses are an investment in your eyes, on the plus side theres no helmet head! Most of these definitions listed below are pulled straight from ANSI, if you are wondering what ANSI is, it is an acronym for the American National Standards Institute. ANSI is a private non-profit organization that oversees the development of voluntary consensus standards for products. Eyewear  with ANSI certification is a guarantee to you, the consumers, that it has been tested and is a quality product. Before buying eyewear for the work site,  make sure you have glasses that are ANSI tested and approved.

     High Mass Impact

-Capable of resisting an impact of a pointed projectile weighing 17.6 ounces that is dropped from the height of 50 inches. The glasses should not detach from the inner surface of any spectacle component and the lens will stay within the frame, the lens will not crack.

- ANSI z87.1 2003

      Drop Ball Impact

-Impact spectacle lenses shall be capable of resisting impact from a 1 inch diameter steel ball dropped from a height of 50 inches. The lens shall not fracture.

-ANSI Z87.1 2003

       High Velocity Impact

-High Impact spectacles shall be capable of resisting impact from a 0.35 inch diameter steel ball traveling at the velocity 150 feet. No piece shall be detached from the inner surface of any spectacle component and the the lens shall be retained in the frame. In addition, the lens shall not fracture.

-ANSI Z87.1 2003


-Anti-Refraction lenses can also be known as Anti-Reflection lenses. They have a special optical coating that is  applied to the surface of lens this in turn helps reduce reflection.

Resolving Power

-All lines in both orientations of NBS pattern 20 shall clearly be resolved.The NBS pattern is projected through the safety glass lens onto a surface 35 feet away. The image must not shift and must remain clear and focused.

-ANSI Z87.1 2003

Polarized Lens

- Eye wear that blocks the glare and bright light from eyes.

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