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Proto 5-5/8″ Multi-Purpose Tool J18575

July 10, 2012


The Proto J18575 5-5/8 Multi-Purpose Tool features a wide comfortable handle and 15 functions. With such versatility this tool is almost guaranteed to be utilized constantly as it  proves over and over to be a tool that every man needs.

Now you might be wondering, what do I get with 15 functions, the answer; pliers, a wire cutter, a cross cut saw, a taper grind blade, a sheepfoot blade, a can and bottle opener, a ruler, and this multi-tool even includes a great set of screwdriver bits.

Are you perhaps wondering what in the world is a sheepfoot blade?  Here’s the low down, the design of a sheep foot blade is a straight edge on the front blade, with a dull back spine that curves down, and it’s best used for cutting and slicing. It minimizes the odds of piercing anything, as it has no point at the tip of the knife. Also, a sheep foot blade offers you greater control over your cut, keeping it clean and neat with no tip to break off, it also works really well for woodcarving too.

The taper grind blade, as mentioned above is also included with the Proto J18575, this blade is straight, and does not taper until you get further down the blade and closer to the tip. It delivers more strength than a flat grind blade, and has a cutting drag ability. Did you catch that it has a can and a bottle opener? Just saying. The convenient locking handle will securely position, as well as safely lock each blade or bit for user safety. The stainless steel construction offers the possibility of heavy-duty use and provides long life. Included is a nylon belt pouch that stores your accessories all in one place.



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