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New Proto Air Tools: The J150RSH 1/2″ Drive Sealed Ratchet And J138RSH 3/8″ Drive Sealed Ratchet

November 25, 2013

Two New Air Tools From Proto

Proto J150RSH 1/2" Drive Air Ratchet

Today we introduce two new air tools from Proto that come with Proto’s lifetime guarantee, the J150RSH 1/2″ Drive Sealed Head Air Ratchet and the J138RSH 3/8″ Drive Sealed Head Ratchet.┬áBoth Ratchets feature titanium housing which helps to greatly reduce the overall weight, as well as to ensure improve balance and maximum durability. In addition, the low profile head allows for easy access of tight or confining areas. Another great feature of these two air head ratchets is that they contain a quick release socket mechanism for easy socket changes that wont slow you down.

And There’s More

If that wasn’t enough, Proto further enhanced the designs of the J150RSH and J138RSH by including a forward/reverse control ring, which is conveniently positioned away from the ratcheting head for greater usability. Plus, a feather start trigger allows for maximum operator control. Another great addition for versatility and usability is the inclusion of a 360 degree directional exhaust. All Proto air tools now include an integrated tethering capability and the J138RSH 3/8″ Drive Sealed Head Air Ratchet, as well as the J150RSH 1/2″ Drive Sealed Head Air Ratchet come with the ability to procure the optional ProtoID air fittings which allot for RFID tracking capabilities.


┬áThe specifics of these devices, are that the J150RSH has a 1/2″ Drive, with a free speed of 350 rpms, a weight of 2.9 lbs, an overall length of 12-13/32″ and an average air consumption of 3.7 cfm. The only difference with the J138RSH is it’s drive size of 3/8″.

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