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Proto J6470 Electronic Torque Tester 1/4 Drive 5-50 In-Lb

August 21, 2013

What is a Torque Tester

Torque testers are a large family that includes electronic torque wrenches, torque screwdrivers, click torque wrenches,  nutrunners, dial torque wrenches, cordless screwdrivers, pulse tools, and air and electric screwdrivers. Torque testers test and calibrate torque controlled tools in the industry and are usually considered a quality control device. Torque testers tend to have three modes of operation including peak, first peak, and track. They can also measure in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction, as well as convert to eight engineering units being in·oz, in·lb, ft·lb, N·m, cN·m, kgf·cm, gf·cm, and kgf·fm.

Testing Torque Wrenches

Proto J6470 Electronic Torque Tester 1/4 Drive 5-50 In-Lb

The Proto J6470 Electronic Torque Tester 1/4 Drive 5-50 In-Lb can be used to test all types of torque wrenches, in all types of settings where full scale calibration is needed or where a quick Pass/Fail check is required. The Proto J6470 has an accuracy of +/- 1%, it indicates the value in both clockwise and counter clockwise directions, it also has a broad accuracy range that extends from 10% to 100% of a full scale. There are three units of measure available in this Proto model being ft-lb, in-lb, and Nm. In addition, it also has three operating modes that include a Track Mode, Peak Hold and First Peak mode which is particularly used for for click-style torque wrenches. The torque tester features a fast sampling rate, which is aimed at maintaining consistently high accuracy during all torque applications. Additionally, each tester is built with a male square drive as well as a female-to-female square drive adapter and is powered by a standard 9V battery, which provides up to 50 hours of run time. The testers meet or exceed the requirements set forth in ASME B107.29 and has a NIST traceable calibration certificate.

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