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Ramset Powder Fastening Systems Tool Kit SA270 27

May 29, 2012

The Ramset Powder Fastening Systems Tool Kit SA270 is a great low velocity piston type fastening tool, which can be utilized for a variety of suitable applications such as on poured concrete, masonry joints, structural steel and can also fasten through wood and metal. A handy addition to the Ramset SA270 27, is the adjustable  power level which, according to your discretion, can be adjusted for varying base materials by turning the power adjust wheel located at the rear of the tool. Another feature that distinguishes this tool is its ability to automatically reset the piston because of a unique heavy-duty piston return spring contained within the device. This feature eliminates the need to reset the piston each and every time you fire the device, which cuts down on the monotony as well as helps the operator achieve new levels in productivity and efficiency. The ITW Ramset Red Head Caliber SA270  operates on a .27 caliber that  fires up to a 10 – shot strip loads, including 2 brown, 3 green, 4  yellow, and 5 red. The SA270 comes ready for your immediate use with a fastening tool, spall guard, goggles and instruction manual as well as a  5-year manufacturer warranty.

ITW Ramset Red Head  Caliber Powder Actuated Tool Kit SA270 27  is a small 5.75 pounds, is 15 inches long with a muzzle bushing O.D. of  5/8″ as well as a pin capacity of 2-1/2″.  The size and design of the ITW SA27027 is engineered to excel in hand held  balance as well as by making the gun simple and easy to use for extended periods of time while at work.  It has a comfortable rubber grip, which placed at the front of the barrel eliminates pinched fingers and hands.  A twist lock front end is designed to be trouble free and uncomplicated for you to clean. Constructed with a durable and rugged polyamide housing, which is offered particularly to reduce the transfer of heat while simultaneously supporting the operator by capitalizing on maximum comfort.

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