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Ridgid 37888 Micro Inspection Camera

April 30, 2012

Introducing Ridgid’s New Micro Inspection Camera the 37888

Documentation is easier than ever now with the Ridged 37888 Micro Inspection Camera, it is the next big evolution in the micro EXPLORER inspection line. The new 37888 Micro Inspection Camera has the ability to record still images and videos of the most inaccessible
areas on site. Ridgid’s new camera is savvy! With it’s cutting edge technology it helps you efficiently and succinctly diagnose problems faster than ever.

The Micro Inspection Camera displays 640 x 840 resolution and can be saved and then accessed by you, your crew, or even your supervisors with the handy technology of the RIDGID Connect solution. Included with the Ridgid 37888 is an SD card that will hold up to 32 GB. In addition the 37888 has a comfortable pistol-grip design and features a large crisp 3.5” color LCD screen that allows you to choose either its digital zoom option or manual image rotation,  giving you the perfect shot. The camera head is  .7” LCD diameter and is constructed with aluminum and comes with four bright LED’s stock, making the unreachable seemingly easy to find and photograph for diagnoses. A cable reach of 3’ long is compatible with Ridgid’s microDrain, microReel, and Nanoreel. An optional extension of up to 30’ is available and is compatible with the aforementioned products as well. The Rigid 37888 Micro Inspection Camera has a feature that allows integrated audio so you can take notes of your thoughts while you record what you are seeing. The headset and microphone are included with the Micro Inspection Camera. The Micro Inspection camera also features a rechargeable battery, a charger, a hook, AC adapter, wall plug, magnet, mirror accessories, and a 1-year Ridged connect Basic Subscription.



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