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Ridgid 200′ Mini-Seesnake Reel / Color Reel Only 14063

June 30, 2013

The Ridgid 200′ Mini-Seesnake Reel / Color is Portable

Ridgid 14063 200' Mini-Seesnake Reel / Color (Reel only)

The Ridgid 14063 200′ Mini-Seesnake Reel / Color (Reel only) is the most portable option of all the seesnake reels, weighing in at a reasonable to carry 25 pounds. Thus offering superior maneuverability, for even the most crucial jobs, such as multi-story buildings, roof tops, and confined areas.

The Ridgid 200′ 14063 Mini-Seesnake Reel is Waterproof

Ridgid has built each 14063 Seesnake Reel individually, having each of them factory tested, and therefore   guaranteeing a waterproof product.

The 140623 Mini-Seesnake Reel’s Camera is Built Rugged

Ridgid built the Mini-Seesnake Reel to be portable but also rugged in design. The rugged build is created with a 100% hardened stainless steel head, increasing the cameras durability, as you use it to maneuver through lines without breaking or damaging the camera.The hardened stainless steel also has a sapphire crystal lens port, lending a hand to protecting the camera head. The improved design, also has an improved push cable with a smaller camera head, to push even farther through tight spots. Finally, it also has rugged high intensity lights for improved visibility.


Ridgid’s Mini-Seesnake 14063 is compatible, with a flexible transmitter making locating easier. The 14063 is fully compatible with the Ridgid NaviTracker2 and the NaviTrack Scout. In addition, this Ridgid seesnake color reel is compatible with all of the Ridgid and Kollmann line locating equipment.


The Ridgid Mini-Seesnake Reel  has a small camera head, that  maneuvers through multiple 1 1/2″ 90° bends and 3″ P-Traps. It also has earned the UL Listing Mark and the UL Listing Mark for the United States and Canada. This product includes a Ridgid SeeSnake and cable CountIR as standard equipment.

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