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The Ridgid 15682 300 Complete Pipe Threading Machine

April 23, 2012

Ridgid’s 15682 300 Complete Pipe Threader  has a reputation for being a solid product with guaranteed performing power.  Professionals know that they can bank on the heavy-duty workloads that this machine can easily turn out and handle. Displaying the very best in pipe threading technology, the Ridgid 300 has become the authority in affordable and dependable Pipe Threading Machines.

What the Ridgid 15682 Brings To The Table

The Ridgid 300 Pipe Threading Machine quietly operates on a universal motor that features a reversible single-phase option, which is powered by a hardy ½ horsepower. The Ridgid 15682 300′s engine  outputs a strong 115 V or 25-60 HZ and displays a recessed switch for on, off, and reverse.

What The 15682 Comes With

The Ridgid 300 comes with a power drive that is uncomplicated to utilize with the foot switch, which is included with the Ridgid 300 Complete Threading Machine. Also, included with the Ridgid 300 Complete Pipe Threader Machine is a smooth running carriage and lever, as well as a reamer, a cutter, a stand, and a universal die head. The Ridgid 300 makes work on the job less stressful with its lightweight design, making it a trouble free task to transport your Ridgid 300 Pipe Threader from job to job. The quick transport leads to an even simpler setup that will keep you on the job longer with less worries about how much time you need for setup and takedown. The Ridgid 300 possesses the versatility for threading as well as grooving, to this end a set of ½” – ¾” universal alloy dies, a set of 1”-2” universal alloy dies, and a 32 transporter are included to complete the Ridgid 300 Complete Pipe Threading Machine set. The Ridgid 300 features a 418 oiler, this oiler is a self contained oil system that has an adjustable oil flow, also included is a free gallon of Nu-Clear thread cutting oil.

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